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Letter to the editor

Lifesavers Editor, The Sun: On June 8, our family's world hung in the balance. My grandfather (known to us kids as "G-pa") took his dog out to the backyard. The dog came back in, but G-pa didn't. When my grandma went outside to see what was going on, G-pa was confused, didn't feel well, and asked her to call my dad. He knew something wasn't right and that he needed to go to the hospital. G-pa was suffering the first of two massive strokes. When my dad arrived, he brought G-pa to the Bluegrass Community Hospital because it is only five minutes from my grandparents' house. Their early intervention saved his life. The ER doctors and nurses ran quick tests, checked his medication, and as soon as they confirmed the stroke, they started administering the clot buster medication that kept him alive. After they started the medication, G-pa was transferred to UK Chandler Hospital, where doctors were amazed by his quick recovery. They said that if we had tried to drive him directly to Lexington, we probably would have lost him. Instead, he was able to return home after only two nights in the hospital. While he will need some speech and occupational therapy, he is still able to walk, eat, hug his wife, take care of his beloved dog, and crack the same silly jokes he's always loved. Our community hospital may be small, but it is a real lifesaver. Our whole family is so grateful for the amazing work they do. The doctors, nurses, staff, and technicians helped save my G-pa's life Heather Brock-Wagner on behalf of the Brock family Versailles

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