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I made a visit to Equus Run Saturday to listen to the music of the Couch Republic. My friend Larry Cory headed up the show and had everyone up and going, including a 200-foot conga line. Larry Cory will bring another band to Midway at the end of this month, Friday, July 28, for Midsummer Nights in Midway, brought to you by Midway Renaissance. We had a great turnout for the last event and it looks like another fun night in Midway is in the making. There will be a few more vendors and face-painting for the kids. The photo booth will be near where the Versailles Police Department officers will be greeting the public and deputizing a few more junior policemen. *** Since I'm on the subject of Midway events, the Midway Fall Festival committee met Tuesday night this week. The committee went over some of the 100 or so things that have to be dealt with when you host the biggest festival in the county. Elisha Holt, the festival director, and her committee members seem to have everything in hand and are working hard to make this year's festival a big success. *** It's hard to believe that it's been 50 years since I graduated from Woodford County High School. I am sure there are those who question the fact that I graduated sixth grade much less high school. Yep, it was the class of 1967 that took the world by the horns and straightened out a lot stuff that needed to be corrected at that time and a few years after that. Well, there are a group of young ladies who will be meeting at St. John Episcopal Church this tonight, July 20, to plan a reunion for the WCHS Class of 1967. They will begin around 6:30 p.m. anyone who wants to attend can join in and help with the planning. *** Here's something that I forgot to mention a few weeks ago: Dr. Norman and Jonelle Fisher celebrated their 61st anniversary. Congratulations and may you have many more. *** There have been several special events that have originated in Midway and moved on to other locations. Two of those events, The Horsey Hundred and The Ten Minute Play Festival, have grown to be very popular annual events. Midway still plays a small part in the Horsey Hundred and hosts a rest stop for the event, as each year 2,000 people on bicycles make their way throughout the countryside. This event takes place every Memorial Day weekend. The second event now takes place in Lexington at Bell Court when the Studio Players join forces with Banta Productions and continues the festival that was started right here at the little old Thoroughbred Theater that was located downtown Midway. I still attend this event to see the plays and reunite with the co-founders and talk about old times. What I find interesting is that every time I've attended these plays, there have always been a few Midwegians in the crowd and we talk about when the plays were produced in Midway. I plan to attend again this year. I want to get the information out on this year's production to those Midwegians who remember the time they once took place in Midway. The 10 Minute Play Festival will run from Aug. 10 to 13 this year at 156 W. Bell Court in Lexington. The times will be Thursday through Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 2:30 p.m. The tickets are $15 at the door as there will be no advanced sales. I hope to see lots of Midwegians there. *** Here's some good news for all you railroad fanatics. You can probably remember reading in the news a couple of years ago that RJ Corman's steam engine, Old Smokey, that rolled through Midway on occasion, was going to be brought to Midway, and Kentucky's first town to be built by a railroad was going to be its home. Lots of people were excited, but after looking into the matter, the logistics were somewhat overwhelming and Old Smokey was put away and the idea faded. Mayor Grayson Vandegrift decided to see if the grant was still valid and re-evaluate the matter. After reopening the matter with RJ Corman's CEO Fred Mudge, it seems that the idea will at least be looked at again to see exactly what will be needed to bring "Old Smokey" to Midway. The planned project will be a great addition to the downtown area. *** I was talking to my Irish grandmother about my dad not hearing very well. I was worried about going deaf because, at a young age (I still can't hear worth a darn), I was having a few hearing problems of my own and I asked her, "Mammaw why do people go deaf?" "Johnny Boy, it's hard to say. I might be hereditary or it could be what caused your cousin Jimmy O'Doul to go deef." "Mammaw, why didn't he go to the doctor to see if something could be done," I asked as I couldn't imagine anyone not trying to get help. Mammaw replied, "The doctor knew that cousin Jimmy drank a wee too much every time he got with his friends. The doctor told him that if he didn't want to go completely deaf, 'you'll have to be givin' up your drinkin''. Your cousin Jimmy apparently gave the matter some thought as he put his cap back on his head. 'Well Doc, thank you for your time and after thinkin' on the matter, I like what I've been drinking a heck of a lot better than what I've been hearing, so I reckon I'll just keep on getting deef."

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