• Bob Vlach, Woodford Sun Staff

‘Unity in the Community’ set for Aug. 11

When people come together for “Unity in the Community” on Friday, Aug. 11, at Journey Church, they’ll have another opportunity to show their love for one another and their appreciation for police officers and other first-responders in Woodford County. It has been one year since Andrea “Bug” Brown and her church, Journey, organized the inaugural Unity in the Community in August 2016. And she said its mission remains the same. Unity in the Community brings people from all walks of life, cultures and races together so they can “pray for our police officers and first-responders,” said Brown. “Because ... with all the racial stuff that’s going on across our country, they’re crucial in keeping our community intact. “So (our first-responders) have to be prayed up and strengthened … because every day their lives are on the line.” Unity in the Community will also reach out to a growing number of people whose lives are being destroyed by the drug epidemic. Let them know “you’re not in this battle alone. You are loved. You are cared for. And there is help,” said Brown. The lifelong Woodford County resident was recently reminded that racism still exists here. A close friend witnessed some boys telling an Asian woman “go back to your own country.” That shouldn’t be tolerated, said Brown, because “no matter what color you are – we all bleed the same.” Being loving and kind to other people “doesn’t cost you anything,” she added. Brown said she will never forget what her grandpa, who died two weeks after attending that first Unity in the Community, told her. “This is what Heaven’s going to be like, Bug. You have Hispanic people, black people, white people … and Asian people all under one roof praising God and coming together … That’s exactly what Heaven’s going to be like.” Brown, the only African-American player on her soccer teams in high school and at Midway College (now University), said she was raised not to see color. Her grandpa may have lived through a lot in terms of racism, but “he wanted me to love no matter what,” she said. “…Don’t see color. See the heart of a person.” Unity in the Community, on Friday, Aug. 11, at 6:30, was made possible with support from Callie’s Homestyle Restaurant, Graviss McDonald’s Restaurants, Glen’s Creek Baptist Church and its host Journey Church, located at 320 Hope Lane on the left side of Lexington Road heading toward Fayette County. Past Unity in the Community gatherings were hosted by Versailles Baptist Church and King’s Way Assembly of God Church.

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