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The Midway Blessing Box, which is for the needy in the community. is now filled with non-perishable food and personal care items. It is located in the breezeway of the Midway Christian Church. The golden rule for the Blessing box use is "Take What You Need; Give What You Can." Speaking of blessings, the speed bumps on Stephens Street are gone. Now, some Midway residents consider that a blessing, others not so much. Unless you want to be blessed with a speeding ticket, obey the speed limit signs in that area. The speed limit is 25 miles per hour and will be strictly enforced. All the hub caps, mufflers, catalytic converters, and other car parts that have been collecting on the side of the road during the speed bump era have been picked through and the area is clean. Now you'll have to go back to getting your car parts from Amazon or J.C. Whitney. ... If you have been downtown lately, chances are you have seen the large pumpkin vines that are growing in the gathering area. After growing four miles of vines, pumpkins are beginning to appear. Every day, visitors and Midwegians make their way down the tracks to check out what's going on at the little green fenced off area. ... I find it amusing how mindsets change over time. I was once again sorting through my boxes of Midway stuff when I found a copy of some articles from the Midway Clipper dated 1916 (right after half a block of Midway had burnt down just two years before). The main article that someone had circled was about the opening of the Amusu Theater; however, it was the article next to it that really caught my attention - "Oil Refinery in Midway?" Can you imagine how that headline would be received today (remember there were people that thought a stockyard would be bad)? It seems that a group in Midway once made a big push to bring a newly incorporated $100,000 oil refinery to Midway. The refinery would be processing the oil from the Irvine oil fields. To encourage the company officer to choose Midway, the group from Midway made a list of reasons why Midway would be a good choice. They explained there are many reasons why they should select Midway. The first reason that is still in use today is that Midway is centrally located. It has an abundance of water. (Midway had its own water and processing plant back then). Because of the location, the L&N, C&O and the Southern Railways ran through Midway, and they added that the three railways were the greatest railroads in America (if President Trump had been alive then, I would have sworn that he put that line in there). Of course, the city would exempt the corporation from taxation for a long time (not sure why they would do that as the city didn't have profit or occupational taxes. How was the city going to make money from this company?). Then they went on to say that the tax rates in Midway were lower than any of the surrounding towns (well, it's not like that would be a big plus if they were already going to be exempt from taxation for a long time). The letter went on to say that the Melick Refining Company would be making a terrible mistake if they failed to investigate the many advantages of locating in Midway. We do not mean to knock on any other city, but chances are if the company locates to a large city, there will be continual lawsuits and damage claims because of the smoke nuisance or pollution of streams etc. It went on to say that Midway folks would be too proud of her industry and manufacturing concerns to take unfair advantage of the company (I guess Midway folk would just have to inhale the smoke, wash the grit of their cars, and eat oily fish that they catch in the streams and like it). The letter summed up with . "if Midway could combine the refinery business with their large distillery, phosphate mines, and Starks Manufacturing Company, it would make a creditable showing in making Midway a large city that could give employment to many of the boys and girls that are going to large cities." Just think: Midway could have been in the oil business if that company had located in Midway. ... I once asked my Irish grandmother how I got my name, John. She explained I was named after my great-great-great-grandfather, my great-great-grandfather, my great-grandfather, and my father. I then asked her if everyone was named like that, and she said a lot of times kids are named after someone in the family. However, your fifth cousin, Paddy O'Doul, on your father's side, named his kids after the days they were born. I asked, "You mean Monday, Tuesday.?" She interrupted: "No, Johnny Boy, when he had a son born on St. George's Day, your cousin named him George, his daughter was born on Valentine's Day and he named her Valentine." "Mammaw I thought Paddy had three kids, a girl and two boys." "You're right Johnny Boy, the third child was named Pancake."

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