• Bob Vlach, Woodford Sun Staff

Change to sign ordinance recommended

The Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously recommended a change to an ordinance governing the size of wall signs in industrial districts. During a public hearing on Aug. 10, no one spoke for or against the proposed text amendment eliminating language that the maximum area of a wall sign cannot "exceed three hundred (300) square feet." Commissioner Jim Boggs did raise some concern about removing language that sets a maximum size for wall signs for the entire county. And before making the motion to recommend the text amendment, Commissioner Rich Schein did voice reservations about approving language with no limitations on a wall sign's size. "There is a point beyond which a sign's going to be too big," he explained. "I just don't know if we're ever going to reach it." By removing a restriction that wall signs cannot exceed 300 square-feet, the Lakeshore Distribution Center in Midway Station can have a sign equal to the width of its wall: 518 linear feet, which P&Z attorney Tim Butler said would be proportionate to the building. "It's a very large building. And a small sign on a very large building is almost useless," he said. The Midway City Council unanimously voted to ask the commission to conduct a hearing for a text amendment to the ordinance governing the size of wall signs in industrial zones. The recommended text amendment goes to the city councils in Midway and Versailles and Woodford Fiscal Court, which must approve the ordinance change for their jurisdictions. Language restricting the size of wall signs in industrial zones to one square-foot for each lineal foot of building frontage will not change under the recommendation being sent to the governing bodies for approval. Helmsley plan The commission approved an amended final development plan for the Helmsley II: The Shire, which allows a proposed clubhouse to be replaced by a two-unit condominium at 108 Rumsey Circle. Apartment units The commission approved a three-unit apartment project at 119, 121 and 123 Garnett Court (South Hill Properties, LLC), varying the setback for two of the units that share a side/rear yard.

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