• Bob Vlach, Woodford Sun Staff

WCHS graduation moving to horse park

With the pending demolition of the Frankfort Convention Center this winter, Woodford County High School will be moving its graduation ceremony to the Kentucky Horse Park's Alltech Arena next spring. The Woodford County Board of Education had previously given schools Superintendent Scott Hawkins the okay to move forward with plans to partner with Franklin County and Scott County public schools to reserve a Saturday date for the districts to conduct graduation ceremonies at the Alltech Arena. "I'm pretty certain we're looking at the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend," said Hawkins, "but we haven't worked out times yet." He said all four high schools in Franklin, Scott and Woodford counties will graduate on that day, which will reduce the cost of having commencement ceremonies at the Lexington site. Woodford County schools will likely spend about $5,000 on the ceremony, a higher cost than the $2,500 spent to use the Frankfort Convention Center, Hawkins said. He acknowledged that there were limited options in terms of adequate facilities, with sufficient parking and seating, in this area to handle graduation ceremonies. "I do think the horse park is going to be nice. It's going to have plenty of seating, plenty of parking. It's a good venue," said Hawkins. "To be able to share the cost with other schools is going to be helpful." The districts will share an approximate cost of $15,000 to $16,000 to rent the facility and install a temporary floor.

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