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Gilkison runs for sheriff

Former Woodford County Jailer Gary Gilkison has announced that he is running for Woodford County Sheriff. Gilkison has filed paperwork with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance to begin raising and spending money for the May 2018 Primary. Gilkison, who served four terms as jailer, said he decided to re-enter public life because, "Other counties are fighting back against the drug epidemic that is destroying families all across Central Kentucky. When I look at Woodford County, I don't see anything happening. There is so much more that can be done. I want to be sheriff because I want to lead the fight against drugs in our community." Gilkison served as Woodford County Jailer from 1994 to 2010. During that time, he instituted an inmate work program, and his fellow jailers elected him president of the statewide Kentucky Jailers' Association. He also served on the Kentucky Criminal Justice Council. Gary and his wife, Gloria, have two children, Genna and Gretchen, and four grandchildren. Voters can learn more about Gary Gilkison and his campaign for Woodford County Sheriff at www.GaryGilkison.com.

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