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One of the organizers for the Midsummer Nights in Midway commented, "I knew it was going to be a big night last Friday night when I woke up and saw the sun shining and the weatherman saying that the weather was going to be the same all day." This was great news when you consider the last two Midsummer Nights in Midway had rain and forecasts for rain right up to time that the bands started playing, With no rain and a perfect temperature, people began to fill the streets of downtown Midway way before the featured band, Stir Krazy, began to play. Sidewalk vendors were busy as soon as they got their tents set up. Of course, the restaurants and patios were already filled early in the evening and for those that couldn't wait in line for restaurants service, there were other options, with vendors serving fish, hotdogs, barbecue, and even a tent with nothing but desserts. It was a big night and everyone loved the band and the parking lot was filled with dancers and that included about four or five dancers who danced to almost every song that was played. One dancer missed a few dances because he had to go to his car to change shirts. He said his soaking wet shirt was all right during the fast dances, but his wife refused to slow dance with him if he didn't change his shirt. That's why he always kept a couple of extra shirts in his car for such occasions. It seems everyone had a good time and this event finished the year off in grand style. ... Next month, the 43rd annual Midway Fall Festival will be held. The festival will take place Saturday, Sept. 16, from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. and Sunday, Sept. 17, from 11 a.m. till 5 p.m. ... There were nearly 60 people in attendance for the Peace in the Park forum that took place in the quarry area of the Walter Bradley Park last Sunday. The forum was called by Midway Mayor Grayson Vandegrift to encourage more open discussions on race and diversity. Several of those in attendance took advantage of the open microphone to make their views known. After the formal program, many attendees spent the last hour in one-on-one discussions. ... Upon checking out the Great Pumpkin Project, it really does look like we have one of the giant pumpkins taking off. It's gone from the size of a plum to about the size of a medicine ball. It is amazing how fast this thing is growing, considering how many mistakes were made when it was planted. I am sure that next year, the "Most Sincere Pumpkin Patch in the Bluegrass Region" will easily turn out a 500- to 600-pound pumpkin. Take a few minutes and check out Midway's "Giant Pumpkin" as it grows a little bigger each day. You will also find a couple of blue pumpkins and a couple of baby giants growing under all the big green leaves in the patch located in the gathering area where the Christmas tree was located. There are a few special pumpkins planted in the Midway community garden behind the Midway Presbyterian Church. Check these babies out when you visit the garden. ... Norman and Ginger Bush had a house fire Tuesday morning on Martin Street. There is significant damage, and they could use some good Midway love. As always, the most immediate need is for ready cash. I will have more information on how you can help this family get back on their feet next week. ... It seems the Happy Rocks are falling from the sky as people in Midway are reporting a Happy Rock find about every four to six hours. The other day when Steve Morgan and I were trimming the pumpkin vines back as they were beginning to wrap around the rails and railroad ties, we found a Happy Rock in the pumpkin patch. ... The Midway community dinner took place at the Midway Christian Church last Monday night. About 150 people enjoyed white and pinto beans seasoned with country ham, new potatoes and fresh green beans, yellow squash zucchini and rice casserole, roasted potatoes, platters of sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and onion salad, lettuce salad, cornbread, rolls, chocolate cake, watermelon, and beverages. There was also a guest chef, Fatuma Mlelwa, who introduced Midway to fufu to go along with the beans.

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