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Letter to the editor

To clarify Editor, The Sun: I appreciate Henry Duncan for his recent letter to your publication, published in its Aug. 31 issue, promoting the Woodford County Historical Society, its related library and museum and Margaret Hall as one of Woodford County's landmarks. However, due to many details given at the cited Aug. 24 program, some clarifications need to be made for the benefit of all Sun readers. Margaret Hall opened with grades kindergarten through 12, using the name of an unrelated predecessor school, Ashland Seminary for Girls, in its first few years of operation. When it reopened after the worst fire in the school's history and a large contribution from a benefactor, it was renamed shortly thereafter Margaret College in honor of this benefactor. Even though college then had a different definition then than now, the school did also include a two-year junior college from 1907 until 1920. During the school's history, it was always affiliated with the Episcopal denomination. The last of the nuns, who had come in 1931, had left the school by the end of 1970. All directors of the school were called principals until 1966. The school's last director was called a headmaster until the school's closure. Through an earlier option on this Elm Street property by St. Leo's Roman Catholic Church, Landmark Enterprises acquired the property finally on Aug. 16, 1984. When they converted it to an apartment complex, it was renamed Margaret Hall Manor. This complex now has 50 apartments, with one half being efficiency units and one half being single bedroom units plus a single two-bedroom cottage. Since 2012, Lena Taylor has been the manager of Margaret Hall Manor. The Woodford County Historical Society appreciates Mr. Duncan's renewed support of our society and look forward to seeing him and his wife at our future programs. Judith W. Phillips Versailles

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