• John McGary, Woodford Sun Staff

Local woman struck, killed by car

A Versailles woman died after the motorized wheelchair in which she was crossing Lexington Road on Friday, Sept. 15, was struck by a vehicle. Mary Susan Drury, 71, of 139 Macey Avenue, was pronounced dead at the scene at 9 p.m. by the Woodford County Coroner's Office. Deputy Coroner Greg Gillum said she was struck about 15 minutes earlier by an inbound sedan. The incident occurred near the main entrance to Kroger, which does not have a crosswalk or traffic lights. Drury was with another woman in a motorized wheelchair who had successfully crossed to the median, according to Lt. Michael Fortney of the Versailles Police Department. Gillum said the driver of the sedan told authorities he saw Drury's companion but didn't see Drury, who was wearing a red sweater, gray sweatpants and had a white blanket in her lap. Lights from the Kroger gas station and the Thornton's across the street may make that portion of Lexington Road seem even darker at night, he said. "When you're crossing traffic anywhere, it's dangerous, but especially if it's at nighttime ... and it's not well-lit, it's very, very dangerous," Fortney said. "A lot of people have different opinions on that intersection and the roadways, but the bottom line is, it was just a tragic accident." Versailles Mayor Brian Traugott said he was still waiting to hear from state Transportation officials about the city's request to make that Kroger exit right-turn-only. The area of Lexington Road between Wilson Avenue and Marsailles Road has 13 or 14 "breaks in pavements," or entrances and exits, with no restrictions on turning left or right, he said. "Our thoughts and prayers are with Ms. Drury's family," Traugott said.

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