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Like Mayor Vandegrift said, "For two days out of the year, Midway is the largest city in Woodford County." Of course, he was talking about the weekend of the Midway Fall Festival. A fall festival by any other name is just a copy. Forty-three years of hard work has made the Midway Fall Festival the success that it is today. The Midway Fall Festival had a unique beginning with Margaret Ware Parrish and a small group of Midway citizens banding together to celebrate the bicentennial of the first settlement in Kentucky. The group decided to have a similar event again the following year due to the success of the bicentennial event and so it went for three more years with the Parrish group. Different groups and individuals in the past have taken over at different times to keep the event going. The festival has been in the hands of the Midway Merchants Association for the last 10 years. Last Saturday was opening day for this year's Midway Fall Festival, and I would have to say it was a record-breaking day for attendance. The first thing I noticed as I perused the line of vendors up and down Railroad Street and around the bank was the number of children who attended this year's event. I don't believe I've ever seen so many babies and toddlers in Midway at one time. Even as hot as it was, I can say I didn't see or hear one baby crying as they made their way through town riding in their parents backpacks and strollers. The toddlers usually were talking and had their hands held out pointing at all the drinks, funnel cakes, and ice cream. Cars were parked all over town and all around the edge of town. Using my McDaniel Density Equation, 8 (festival hours) X D (number of people that fill a 20'x20' space in one hour) = A (Total number of festival attendees not including the vendors who numbered approximately 400 more people.) This method of determining crowd numbers for the Midway Fall Festival is becoming less efficient as the festival is beginning to cover a larger area. It looks like next year we may have to use pictures from a drone to get a more accurate count. I'll have to use the Donald Trump method for determining crowd densities. Sunday, which is usually a big day for the festival, was a little less crowded and maybe a little warmer than Saturday. Even with a smaller crowd Sunday, the vendors, shop owners, and the servers at the restaurants still had their hands full attending to visitors. The Midway Merchants Association held another great Midway Fall Festival and keeps this historic event alive. ... Two new Midway businesses opened their doors this weekend. The Brown Barrel and Blind Harry's welcomed festival-goers and hometown folk to their location where the old Meadow Hill grocery was located just off of Gratz Street. ... Last week, Dr. Doo Oak Kim's Public Policy class visited Midway again this year. All the students who are in this class work for local governments in South Korea. The class has been visiting Midway for the last five or six years as they visit Midway to see how a small town in the United States is organized. ... This Saturday, everyone is invited to the Midway branch of the Woodford County Library for Everything Equine. This event is for all ages, as children and adults will be able to see what goes on in the life of a Thoroughbred horse. This exhibition will feature jockey Joe Steiner and Midway's very own Nate Wyatt, a farrier, who will demonstrate how horses get their feet trimmed. There will be four passes to the Kentucky Horse Park given away to some lucky attendee. See you at the library, 400 Northside Drive, Midway, this Saturday, Sept. 23, from 11 a.m. till 1 p.m. ... On Sunday, Oct. 15, the eighth annual Iron Horse Half Marathon will take place. This race brings in about 2,000 runners plus friends and family members to our little village. It's really an amazing sight watching all the runners at the start of this race as they make their way down Brand Street. Proceeds from this race benefit the Woodford Humane Society and the City of Midway. There is a call going out for volunteers to help this year. If you can work as a course marshal, help at a water station, or just making yourself available, contact nicole@woodfordhumane.org. Volunteers must be at least 13, and no volunteer orientation is required to participate in this event.

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