• Bill Caine, Woodford Sun Staff

The Hive is alive with school spirit

THE HIVE patrols the sidelines during a home football game Friday, Sept. 17, at Community Stadium. (Photo by Bill Caine)

There's a buzz at Woodford County High School. School spirit continues to grow at sporting events as the fall season pushes forward. On any given evening this fall, there is a student section cheering on the Woodford side of the field cheering for the Jackets. For the football games, the crowd is lively. This past weekend the students coordinated a "white out" where they all attended the game in white shirts. "Friday nights are about getting together with friends and having a good time," said senior Andrew Padgett. "Win or lose we make it a fun night out here. I attend the volleyball games regularly as well, and we have a big time there as well." WCHS Principal Rob Akers is frequently at home games and schools Superintendent Scott Hawkins can always be found on the sidelines on Friday nights. The school leaders are setting terrific examples for the students about school pride. "The kids here have the best school spirit," said teacher and swim coach Blair Hicks. "It's a second home for them and a safe place for them to spend their nights and have a good time." Former players who have moved on to other interests still come out to support the home team and see the experience from both sides. "I played for the football team for two years and the experience up here is so different," said senior Adonis Upton. "Down on the field it's intense, and your heart is pumping nonstop. Up here we are smiling and having a good time. There's no pressure up here. We just have a fun night together. Years from now, these will be memories that we can look back on." Not every school can muster up the pride that the Jacket students bring on a daily basis. There is a unity that exists on the sidelines, and the students embrace it. "I just moved here last year, and Woodford County has so much more school spirit," said senior Saige Sutterlin. "These nights are about being with your friends and cheering for the school. We all come out here early and get pumped up and even when we don't win we have a great time together." "It's always exciting out here," said senior Peyton Rose. "We support each other out here, and that is what these nights are about." At both the boys' and girls' soccer games, the student section is vocal and hangs on every shot attempt. The volleyball games pack in a spirited crowd from the student section as well. The cheerleaders make it their mission to fire up the football crowds. The football players stay and watch the volleyball matches. It's a close-knit community at the high school, and the students are making the most of their experiences. As homecoming approaches this coming weekend, more memories will surely be made for the Jacket faithful.

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