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After a great week of festival activity, one would think that our little town would sit back and take a breather. The pace did slow down a bit, there were still activities taking place throughout the week. Friday night was the second time around Movie in the Quarry. S’mores by the campfire and popcorn provided by Two Ladies and a Kettle, parents and little ones ended the night watching the movie of the evening. The Midway branch of the Woodford County Library partnered with Friends of the Park to make this event possible. This event is just another new event started this year to bring people to the Walter Bradley Park. The “Quarry” area was cleaned up this year so that it could be enjoyed by those who come to the park. With the planting of new trees, Sparks in the Park, Eclipse Picnic, Woodford County Pride Picnic, free yoga classes, Movie Night at the Quarry, private parties and just visiting the walking the trails, it’s been a pretty busy year. The newly formed park board, John Holloway (park manager), Cecelia Glass (chairman of the park board) and board members Liles Taylor, Regina Morris, Joanna Smith, Sara Hicks, and Julie Morgan should be very proud of what has been accomplished this year. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the support of The Friends of Walter Bradley Park and the City of Midway. P.S. I forgot the area around the dog park also got an overhaul this year. The dog park has been more active this year than ever before. The Midway branch of the Woodford County Library not only helps with the Movie Night in the Quarry, they had a unique event last Saturday in the library parking lot. The event was called Everything Equine. Children and parents alike learned how horses were shod, what they eat, and even had a jockey on hand to talk about riding the race horse. The children loved the exhibition and I am sure there were several of those in attendance who learned a thing or two about horses they never knew before. ••• I was channel-surfing on my TV and I discovered that there are chefs in Midway who are giving away their cooking secrets on TV now. While watching “Secrets of Bluegrass Chefs,” chefs Tyler McNabb and Lisa Laufer demonstrated how to prepare a couple of dishes that they serve at Holly Hill Inn. Midway restaurants keep Midway on the map. ••• A lot of times when people get together in Midway, they talk about how things are changing. A lot of times they are referring to the activity that is taking place around the interstate. During the Midway Fall Festival, the biggest event in Woodford County, former Midway residents, many who grew up here, come back to Midway after being away for a number of years in hopes of seeing some faces they grew up with. They are amazed at how Midway has changed, all the new shops, the great restaurants, and the changes in the downtown landscape were hard to image as a kid growing up here several years ago. It is true that a lot of changes have taken place, but the biggest change over the last few years has taken place at Midway University, an institution that has grown from a girls’ high school, junior college, and now a university. It has change from an institution that taught general studies to place of learning where one can obtain an MBA and take courses in leadership and effective decision making, business law, strategic marketing management, and organizational behavior. In the ’40s, the college had an enrollment of a little over 240 students. Today, it has a student body made up of 1,217 students. Oh, I forgot – there are male students on campus now. That’s a big change from an all-female student body. Midway University will be celebrating its fourth annual Day for Midway Oct. 10. In recognition of the long-standing relationship between Midway University and the Woodford County community, the university will present an evening with light appetizers and a silent auction. They will award the 2017 Community Spirit Award during this event. This year’s honoree is the Midway Woman’s Club. RSVP by Oct. 3 to Chelly Edwards cedwards@midway.edu 859-846-5873.

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