• Bill Caine, Woodford Sun Staff

St. Leo volleyball beats St. Peter and Paul 2-0

RAYLEE CARRICO serves the match point in the second game against St. Peter and Paul. The Lions won the match 2-0. (Photo by Bill Caine)

Coach David Higdon's team is coming along nicely this season as the St. Leo Lions continue to roar at home. On Thursday, Sept. 21, the Lions hosted St. Peter and Paul and both the seventh and eighth-grade teams were victorious. "We served the ball really well tonight," said Ashley Higdon. "Everyone kept the ball alive on points and that gave us chances to be successful." The seventh-grade team won their match 2-0 (21-13,21-11) and the eighth- graders won 2-0 (21-11,21-3). "Our passing was good tonight and it allowed us to make points," said Emma Hayes. "It's been an up-and-down season but we have improved so much from last year. We have won some matches and we throw in a bad game here and there but we have a good group that has fun together. I like that I am here with my friends and get to play volleyball." The Lions continue to work on the fundamentals that will allow them to be successful as the season progresses. "I have a lot of fun being out here playing with these girls," said Ella Moran. "We are getting better every week and we work really hard to improve. I'm so happy to be part of this team."

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