• John McGary, Woodford Sun Staff

Worker falls at courthouse; not seriously injured

A contractor replacing the faces of the clock in the Woodford County Courthouse fell about 20 feet Thursday, Sept. 21, yet escaped serious injury. Maintenance Superintendent Rick Wade said Patrick Bradley, 49, of the Verdin company of Cincinnati, was coming down the ladder to the clock tower when he "mis-gripped" a rung and fell backwards. The accident happened around 3 p.m. Thursday - just when Tammy Estep, administrative assistant to County Attorney Alan George, had walked from her office into the third-floor hallway. "I was going towards the elevator to get on and I heard the tumbling up there ... and then he came through that ceiling," Estep said. Estep said Bradley landed on his back in the hallway, just outside the doors to the circuit courtroom. "... It scared me to the death. Alan came running and our child support office came running because they heard the collision, too," Estep said. "I think he was just kind of stunned at first, and maybe had the breath knocked out of him. He was just kind of laying there, but then he started trying to get up, and was telling him, 'Don't move - we've got an ambulance coming,' but he got himself on up and sat in the chair and said he just needed to kind of calm down." Wade said he was in the basement when the accident occurred, and that after he raced upstairs, he found Bradley more concerned about the broken ceiling tile than his own health. Bradley refused treatment and appeared to be more mad than hurt, but admitted, "I know I'm going to be sore," according to Wade. Wade said the fall was broken by a pipe and cross-bracing, and that it may have occurred because Bradley wasn't using "three-point contact" on the ladder (one arm and two legs, or two arms and one leg, etc.). A spokesman for Verdin did not return a call from The Sun.

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