• John McGary, Woodford Sun Staff

Left turn at main Kroger entrance may go away

Drivers exiting the west entrance to the Kroger shopping center may soon only be able to turn right. Versailles Assistant Public Works Director Paul Simmons gave the news to the Versailles City Council in a short meeting Tuesday. Simmons said he'd recently discussed the matter with a state Transportation Cabinet official and was waiting for the go-ahead to build an island at that entrance to prevent left turns. Mayor Brian Traugott and other council members have been concerned about the safety of left turns there for some time, but need approval from the state before doing anything that would affect Lexington Road. The east entrance to the center has a light and is considered a safer and quicker alternative for motorists leaving the shopping center and heading east. The island would be built at city expense and likely be accompanied by signs showing left-hand turns are prohibited, Simmons said. Cedar Ridge retention basin Simmons said the promised work on the Cedar Ridge retention basin has been performed and looks good. Residents of that subdivision have been engaged in a decade-plus dispute with the developer over the performance of the basin. Simmons said he believes it will drain properly after being reseeded. Ethics training, new police station Next Tuesday, the council will meet in the training room of the Versailles Police Department to review the progress of its $4 million replacement, which will be built on the old St. Leo's School property at Elm and Main streets. On Oct. 17 at 3 p.m., the council will hold mandatory ethics training in council chambers. Business license revoked The council voted unanimously to revoke the business license of Massage Spa at 439A Lexington Road after Police Chief James Fugate said the owner couldn't produce a required state license during a Sept. 29 visit. Assistant City Clerk Elizabeth Reynolds said the business owner didn't realize she needed a state massage therapist license and asked for a refund of the city business license. Other matters * The council unanimously voted to allow Fire Chief Brian Wainscott to surplus a 2005 Ford Explorer with 117,657 miles. Wainscott said the vehicle was replaced last year, and that the county Emergency Management agency has expressed interest in the vehicle. * Wainscott reminded the council that October is National Fire Safety Month and said department employees are doing lots of smoke detector and other inspections around the city. * Council Member Ann Miller presided over the meeting, serving as mayor pro-tem. Traugott was attending a meeting of the Kentucky League of Cities in Covington.

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