• Bob Vlach, Woodford Sun Staff

Drainage issues discussed

Drainage issues arose during a review of construction plans for 14.25 acres at 1079 Crossfield Drive, an area of Versailles near Lexington Road where flooding has occurred in the past. On Tuesday morning, the Technical Review Committee (TRC) forwarded plans to grade the site (for possible development in the future) to County Engineer Buan Smith and the City of Versailles for letters of approval. Site grading work cannot begin until those letters are received. During TRC's review of construction plans for the site, near Daisy Hill Senior Living on Crossfield Drive, Smith voiced his concerns about proposed grading elevations that create a large flat area, which "is basically going to end up being a swamp." "Being in the center of town," he added, "it's not going to be a desirable thing for surrounding properties." The project's engineer, Jihad Hillany of Vision Engineering, said he monitored and measured rainfall amounts in this area of an identified sinkhole near Crossfield Drive last May. "The purpose of that," he explained, "is basically this is a big watershed and lots of drainage comes to that sinkhole. And we want to understand the hydrology and how the sinkhole operates, and also the rate of the flow that goes into the sinkhole." Smith questioned a west-to-east positioning of a rain gauge used for monitoring rainfall when weather also comes to this area from a south-to-north direction as demonstrated by recent hurricane-driven rainstorms. "We want to work with you guys. We really do," Hillany said. "We understand how important it is. The location of (this site) is kind of touching two roadways ... We understand the importance and we want to do the right thing." City of Versailles leaders were scheduled to meet with representatives of Vision Engineering, which has hired for the grading project, this (Thursday) morning. Norma's Forever, LLC, (Ernie Arnold/The Gibson Company: developer), does not currently propose any development of the vacant property at 1079 Crossfield Drive. Planning Director Pattie Wilson asked Hillany that, if development does occur at some point in the future and a sinkhole cannot (under local ordinance) be utilized for the detention or retention of rainwater, how storm water management will be handled on the site. He said engineers will need to determine the exact location of the sinkhole and then determine where to locate a detention area on the site. In-family lots A minor plat to create three in-family lots at 3624 Shannon Run Road (13.9728 acres to Robert M. Hoffman), 3628 Shannon Run Road (17.0134 acres to Lisette S. Lux) and 3630 Shannon Run Road (18.419 acres to Charles A. Hoffman III) was sent to the Planning Commission chair for approval. Wilson told Malcolm Endicott, the land surveyor of the project, to include language on the plat that identifies the entity conveying the lots as a family member or estate of a family member and not as Hoffman Family Farms, LLC. The proposed in-family lots were reconfigured from an earlier plat reviewed by TRC.

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