• Bob Vlach, Woodford Sun Staff

Horse training center plan clears hurdle

The Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Planning and Zoning Commission voted on Oct. 12 to recommend the down-zoning of 38 acres on West Leestown Road, which will allow the construction of a horse barn with upstairs living accommodations on the property.

If Woodford Fiscal Court approves rezoning 3.363 acres from rural residential to agriculture (A-1) and 34.761 acres from residual farmland to A-1, Three Creeks Training Center, LLC, (Katherine B. O'Brien), will seek a conditional-use permit to operate a bed and breakfast/inn at 4598 West Leestown Road.

"What we're trying to do is develop a training center for eventing (horse and rider competitions), things like Rolex," said James O'Brien, speaking on behalf of Three Creeks Training Center last month.

The living accommodations in a barn would allow riders to stay with their horses, which O'Brien said they like to do when training for competition.

He said four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a kitchen are living accommodations that are planned in the 10-stall horse barn. Three Creeks Training Center is located on the Woodford County line, with 145 acres in Franklin County.

St. Leo shelter An amended development plan, which was approved by the Planning Commission, allows St. Leo Parish Life and Education Center to construct a 24-foot-by-30-foot shelter on the south side of a kitchen. The shelter will provide additional space for church functions, including festivals and fish fries.

Single-family lots The commission approved an amended subdivision plat allowing property owners Justin and Holly Branham to create four single-family lots at 182, 184, 186 and 188 Spring Run Road. Three townhouse units were previously approved for the site.

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