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Letters to the editor

Drive safely Editor, The Sun: I am writing to urge my fellow citizens to be very careful at traffic intersections. Running red lights appears to be a national pastime. Think of how many times you sat at a light, had it turn green, and then had a car or tractor trailer blast through the intersection. It happened to me twice within five minutes in Versailles recently. Someone is going to get seriously injured or killed. I think it is incumbent on all of us to slow down a little, respect our laws, and value our fellow citizens. If you can stop for a yellow light, just do it. It is likely that the person behind you will follow you through a red light, and you can stop it. No late appointment or delayed soccer game is worth another person's life. J. Todd Renner Versailles Donations, not taxes Editor, The Sun: The current football and baseball fields were built by donations gathered by Woodford County people - no tax on anyone. What is the issue with these two fields now and what would happen with those properties if new ones are built? These fields show that Woodford County has people with the ability to work and build without gathering more money from the populace. Doug and Ethelwyn Matthews Versailles

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