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Last Thursday, the latest winner of Midway University's fourth annual Community Spirit Award, the Midway Woman's Club, featured Woodford County resident "Crit" Luallen as their guest speaker for this month's meeting. The program was open to the public as she spoke to those in attendance about graduating from Centre College majoring in art and ending up in politics. Actually, that shouldn't be surprising since she is descended from two Kentucky governors, John Jordan Crittenden and Luke Pryor Blackburn. She served as Kentucky's 56th lieutenant governor in Steve Beshear's last term as governor. Luallen has served Kentucky in many other statewide offices during her 30-plus years of service. She also discussed women's roles in politics and being more active in politics both as voters and office holders. She urged those who aren't active to become more active. ... Midway businesses had a good Saturday, as some of the vans and the people in them took time off from the Bourbon Chase to visit Midway's downtown. Because it has taken two years for the powers-that-be in state and county government to push this project to its completion (up to this point) with no idea when it will be completed, the 200-mile Bourbon Chase Race hasn't been routed through Midway. Every year, that race brought as many as 200 vans and over 2,000 runners into Midway, bringing in several thousand dollars of business in one day. It has been a great inconvenience to those who live in our district and our friends who live in Zion's Hill to drive two or three miles out of the way each morning to go to work. For more information, bring up Facebook and go to the page "Save the Weisenberger Mill Bridge." ... We had another big race on Sunday that started and ended in Midway, The Iron Horse Half Marathon and the Iron Horse 12 K. There were 900 runners officially registered this year. I have to give a shout-out to the Midway Christian and the Midway Baptist churches because they sure do serve up a fine breakfast each year for this event. ... The Midway Woman's Club will feature its second annual Not-So-Scary Haunted House next Saturday, Oct. 28. The spookiness will take place at the Midway Woman's Club House, 230 South Gratz Street, from 5 till 8 p.m. This event is suitable for all ages and it will only cost $1 per person. You are encouraged to wear a Halloween costume. All those making their way through the tour will receive a treat. Proceeds from this event will be used to support other club events. ... Halloween is just around the corner and you'll need a pumpkin to carve for that special night. You can buy that pumpkin and help send Girl Scout Troop 1913 to camp at the same time. Go the Midway Corner Grocery Saturday, Oct. 21, between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. and pick out your pumpkin to take home. This Girl Scout Troop 1913 fundraiser will be selling the pumpkins for $8 a pumpkin. ... I have spent all month just drinking water and eating just one saltine cracker breakfast, lunch, and dinner in order to maintain a body weight of just under 200 pounds. I carefully measured the amount of "Touch of Gray" man's hair coloring enhancer I applied to my head because a head of totally gray hair doesn't does not look good on a big old 7 ½- size tomahawk shaped head. That's why I only wanted a touch of gray ... not bad so far. I pulled out my Woodford County yearbooks to study the faces of all my classmates whom I graduated with. Using all the techniques that I have learned from watching TV shows like FBI Files, The Investigator, and Missing Persons, I looked at these pictures and visualized what each one would look like 10, 20, or 50 years down the road. I even used a 3-D special Photoshop program to save these images for future study. Why was I doing all this? I was preparing for my 50-year Woodford County High School reunion. I wanted to look like the picture of health despite the reality of getting totally winded from going from my bed to the bathroom (a 15-foot stroll across the hallway) seven times a night. I now have everyone's aged face in my mind's eye so I could greet my former class mates without glancing at their name tags stuck to their chest to determine who they are. Saturday night came and I almost backed out of going. After the party had started, I bit the bullet and made my way to Moss Hill. Of course, I was the last one to arrive, but I knew I could do this. I walked into the banquet room, everyone had already started eating. I was greeted by a chorus of boos from two tables that that were filled with former class mates from Versailles. I was shattered. Who are all these old people anyway? Am I at the right reunion? Upon being seated, I was reminded about comment that I had made last week in my column. It was the one that contained the line about, "If you call people from Midway Midwegians what do you call people from Versailles? Midwegian wannabees." That paragraph would have worked better if I had saved it for this week, after the reunion. Timing is everything.

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