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Moss Hill has new ownership group

MOSS HILL GOLF COURSE has changed ownership hands.  The Hargis S. Sexton heirs' revocable trust purchased Tom Bozarth's share of the course on Oct. 12. (Photo by Bill Caine)

On Thursday, Oct. 12, the Hargis S. Sexton heirs' revocable trust purchased Tom Bozarth's share of Moss Hill Golf Course. The 159-acre course located on McCowans Ferry Road has been a part of the community for 50 years, originally as Woodford Hills Country Club and was purchased by Mr. Sexton in 2010. Sexton purchased the club two weeks before it was to go into foreclosure and gave the course life again. After a group of members ran the course for a few years, Sexton asked Bozarth to get involved and run the course, which he has done successfully up to now. "On June 15 of this year, Mr. Sexton passed away," said Bozarth. "From that moment until last Thursday, I was a 50 percent owner of the golf course. The Sextons' revocable trust now has full ownership of the golf course and controls the future of its property." The trust's next focus will be the future of the golf course. There is an option to turn the course back into farmland, which is what it was originally purchased for by Sexton. Bozarth has advised the trust that it was in their best interest to keep the land as a golf course to maximize the value of the investment. "Having the golf course staying part of the county is very important to me," said Bozarth. "The course has great history and I believe it's part of our quality of life. We have worked very hard to grow the junior program to get kids involved in golf. The younger players are needed to keep the game going and we have had success with that part of the membership." The trust has given Bozarth the option of leasing the course for a year and reevaluating after that time is up. No decision has been made on whether or not the Bozarth's will lease the land and continue to run the course at this time. "The board was kind enough to ask me if I was interested in leasing the property and if I was not, to see if I could find someone interested and taking on the daily position of managing the course. There are some decisions that I will need to take a hard look at in the near future and go from there." Moss Hill has made significant changes to the course over the past couple of years with new golf carts and bunkers being added to holes. New head pro Vince Prather shares Bozarth's vision for the course. "Vince shares my thoughts on the future of the course and we are hopeful we can come up with a solution that benefits everyone in the end," said Bozarth. Moss Hill held a members' only meeting on Monday night to discuss the future of the golf course.

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