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Public Records - November 2nd

District Court Mary Jane Phelps, judge Week of Oct. 23 Traffic Speeding - Oluwasegun A. Abe, state traffic school; Sylvia A. Baker-Noren, $163; Blake C.A. Bosch, state traffic school; Rodger F. Campion, $143 plus state traffic school; Summer N. Davis, $143 plus state traffic school; Ismael M. Garcia, combined with no operator's/moped license, $285; Harman R. Droge, $143 plus state traffic school; Wesley G. Higgs, $163; Marc A. Spratley, combined with no operator's/moped license; James Wolford, $163; William C. Rakes, $243. Failure of owner to maintain required insurance - Dustin D. Adams, combined with failure to yield, $643 plus state traffic school; James R. Serafini, combined with failure to wear seatbelt, $893; Brittany N. McIntyre, $1,168. DUI - Kenneth A. Beasley, combined with possession of open alcoholic beverage container in a motor vehicle, $753; Michael E. Moylan, 2nd offense, $868 plus 44 days, serve 14 with credit and balance probated for two years. No/expired Kentucky registration receipt - Debra K. Gossage, $163. License to be in possession - Rodis Maldonado, combined with careless driving, $293. No operator's/moped license - Gustavo Velaquez, $243. Operating on suspended/revoked operator's license - Justin Kearns, combined with observed operating motor vehicle under influence of alcohol/drugs, seven days with two days credit. Misdemeanors Alcohol intoxication in a public place - Anthony W. Elder, 220 Clifton Road, $168; Robert M. Greenlee, Lexington, $200.50; John R. Schremly, Louisville, four days with two days credit. Harassment with physical contact, no injury - Robert D. Webb, 406 Ryne Court, $235.50. Violation of Kentucky EPO - Daryl J. Greenlee, 538 Clifton Road, $160.50 plus five days with credit. Possession of drug paraphernalia - Devaine Lewis, Frankfort, $160.50 plus four days with credit. Assault 4th degree, domestic violence (minor injury) - Kyle J. McKinley, 4858 West Leestown Road, 17 days with credit. Police Reports Versailles police responded to two injury accidents, 31 non-injury accidents, two domestic-related complaints, issued two citations/summonses and made six arrests. On Oct. 21 at 8:38 p.m., a Ford F-250 driven by Jacob M. Cantrell, 23, of West Liberty, was eastbound on the Blue Grass Parkway and went off the side of the road near the end of the parkway and into a ditch before striking several trees. A witness told police Cantrell had been weaving across both lanes for some time and nearly struck a parked tractor-trailer. He told police he'd been texting and hadn't had a drink for five hours. Police say they found a flask of whiskey in his pocket. Cantrell was treated at the scene by Woodford EMS workers, taken to the Woodford County Detention Center and charged with DUI. On Oct. 23 at 8:01 a.m., a Chevy Impala driven by Jaylan D. Washington, 17, of 209 Falcon Road, was behind a Lexus ES 350 driven by Jennifer L. Forgy, 53, of Lexington, in the westbound left land of the U.S. 60 Bypass. Washington's vehicle rear-ended Forgy's, who was taken to Baptist Hospital. Police say inattention and not being under proper control on the part of Washington were factors in the crash. On Oct. 24, flagrant non-support were reported at homes on Blackhawk Circle and Hanover Court. On Oct. 29, $10 in coins were reported stolen from a home on South Hill Road. On Oct. 30, marijuana possession was reported at a home on Dogwood Court. On Oct. 30, a driver was reported operating on a suspended/revoked operator's license on Shannon Run Road. On Oct. 30, criminal littering was reported on Ryne Court. On Oct. 24, fleeing/evading police was reported on Luther Bland Court. On Oct. 28, jewelry worth $5,000 was reported stolen from a home on Rose Hill Avenue. On Oct. 28, a television worth $150 was reported stolen from a home on Mildred Street. On Oct. 26, police made an arrest on St. Clair Street for possession of one oxycodone pill. On Oct. 20, failure to comply with sex offender registration was reported on Boots Gregory Road. On Oct. 23, tires were vandalized on Paddock Drive, with damage estimated at $200. On Oct. 23, an Xbox One and other items worth a total of $525 were reported stolen from a home on Douglas Avenue. On Oct. 25, a Honda CRV worth $8,000 was reported stolen on St. Clair Street. On Oct. 25, possession of burglary tools was reported at the Woodford County Detention Center. On Oct. 24, a push mower worth $100 was reported stolen on Westgate Court. On Oct. 24, police made an arrest on Midway Road for violation of a Kentucky EPO, possession of a handgun by a convicted felon and tampering with physical evidence. On Oct. 24, identity theft was reported on Eagle Crest Drive. On Oct. 24, a cordless drill worth $40 was reported stolen from a home on Douglas Avenue. On Oct. 25, air compressors and other items worth a total of $1,915 were reported stolen from a home on West Higgins Street in Midway. On Oct. 22, harassing communications were reported on Winton Road. On Oct. 26, theft by deception involving $985 was reported at a home on Delaney Ferry Road. On Oct. 24, a wallet, Social Security card, Mexican ID and $1,800 in cash or money orders were reported stolen from a home on Curry Court. On Oct. 26, a vehicle was reported leaving the scene of an accident on McCracken Pike that caused a total of $400 worth of damage to four mailboxes. On Oct. 26, criminal trespassing was reported at a home on Marsailles Road. On Oct. 21, shoplifting was reported at Kroger. On Oct. 23, police began a death investigation at Pisgah Presbyterian Church. On Oct. 21, $430 worth of jewelry was reported stolen from a home on Oregon Road. On Oct. 24, police issued a citation on Macey Avenue for the theft of a 50-inch television and Amazon Fire Stick. On Oct. 20, a trailer worth $1,357 was reported stolen from a home on Delaney Way. On Oct. 18, a band saw and other items worth a total of $$2,200 were reported stolen from an office building on the U.S. 60 Bypass. On Oct. 23, $913.68 in shoplifting was reported at Kroger. On Oct. 11, an unknown amount of change was reported stolen from a park on Germany Road. On Oct. 15, a rifle worth $750 was reported stolen from a home on Troy Pike. On Oct. 16, a PS4 and controller worth a total of $159 were reported stolen from a home on Douglas Avenue. On Oct. 16, bottled water and peanuts worth a total of $2.28 were reported stolen from a gas station on Lexington Road. On Oct. 15, police made an arrest on Clifton Road for possession of marijuana. On Oct. 12, police made an arrest on Charmac Road for DUI and leaving the scene of an accident. On Oct. 14, police issued a citation/summons on Cottage Garden Lane in Midway for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. On Oct. 17, a Malibu Maxx was reported stolen on the Blue Grass Parkway. On Oct. 17, a vehicle's registration plate was reported stolen on Lynnwood Drive. On Oct. 18, criminal trespassing was reported at a home on Poplar Street. On Oct. 16, $5 in coins were reported stolen from a vehicle on Setti Place Road. On Oct. 18, a counterfeit check was reported received at Citizens Commerce National Bank. Fire Reports City Firefighters performed 20 EMS assists and installed one child safety seat during the past week. An appliance malfunctioned on Virginia Avenue Oct. 24. Firefighters responded to vehicle accidents on Tyrone Oct. 25 and Oct. 26. Firefighters helped free a person from an elevator at United Bank on United Drive Oct. 26. Firefighters investigated a furnace problem on Seth Drive Oct. 30 County Firefighters performed two EMS assists during the past week. Firefighters responded to a stove fire on Clifton Road Oct. 25. A chimney fire was investigated on Paynes Mill Road Oct. 28. Firefighters responded to a vehicle accident on Dry Ridge Road Oct. 28. An alarm malfunctioned on Huntertown Road Oct. 28. Firefighters assisted with a residential lockout on Foraker Road Oct. 31. Animal Control Woodford County Animal Control (879-0598) is holding a stray male tri-colored beagle mix, a male tri-colored shepherd mix, and a large male medium-haired gray cat. Public Records SUITS Petition for the dissolution of marriage - Meghan Rae Smith and James Wayne Smith. Ibrahim M. Rachid vs. Amy Boulton for an unspecified amount plus interest, attorney fees and costs related to business dealings. Goldenquest, LLC, vs. James Clark, et al., for an unspecified amount and attorney fees related to geothermal HVAC work. American Express Centurion Bank vs. Whitney Collins for $21,580.26 plus court costs claimed due on a debt. Citizens Commerce National Bank vs. Michael Richardson, et al., for $23,790.20 plus interest, attorney fees, expenses and costs claimed due on a debt. Barry Stumbo vs. Robin A. Potter, et al., for unspecified damages, interest and costs related to April 2016 auto accident. Sims-Lohman, Inc. vs. Quality Plus Homes, LLC, et al., for $5,284.55 plus interest, attorney fees and unspecified damages. Commonwealth of Kentucky, ex rel., vs. Amanda Wakeman for support for minor child. Commonwealth of Kentucky, ex rel., vs. Kenzie Davis for support for minor children. Zachary R. Goodpaster vs. Robin R. Jones for joint custody and support of minor child. Midland Funding, LLC, vs. Laura Coleman for $12,096.72 plus costs claimed due on a debt. DEEDS Catherine Cascio to Anita Philbaum and Curt N. Rollins, as co-trustees of the Anita Philbaum trust and Curt N. Rollins trust, 211 Shady Lane, $1 and other valuable consideration, quitclaim deed. Conor McCarthy and Olga McCarthy to Mehran Motamedi and Negar Mahbod, 3910 Pinckard Pike, $820,000. William T. Farrow Jr. and Laura D. Farrow to Retha Vittitow and Dean Vittitow, 130 Ravenwood Road, $192,000. Heather Nobles and Rick Nobles to Jonathan Abbott and Whitney Abbott, 1296 Delaney Ferry Road, $550,000. James M. Mehegan and Deanna L. Mehegan to Jared Pendleton and Rebecca Pendleton, 324 Chestnut Lane, $185,000. Dean A. Vittitow and Retha A. Vittitow to Joey Meng and Xu Zhang, 357 Gleneagles Way, $270,000. Susan M. Forrester to Danielle Thomson, 314 South Turner Street, Midway, $263,000. Jonathan P. Abbott and Whitney E. Abbott to Richard M. Smith and Barbara J. Smith, 4032 Greentree Road, $330,000. Bobbie Jo Todd and William Todd to Harold Thomas Fuson and Tambra Jane Wooldridge, 800 Scotts Ferry Road East, $219,000. Pamela Sue Wagshal to William Winbun and Margaret Winbun, 3851 Huntertown Road, $189,000. Juanita McDaniel, as executor of the Georgia Lee Miracle estate, to Charles E. Miracle, 503 Linden Drive, $60,000. Keith Ray Slugantz, Cheryl D. Slugantz, Joshua Aaron Slugantz and Lucy Slugantz to Beverlee Jolly, 232 Colchester Drive, $206,000. Dearmond Construction and Remodeling, Inc. to Christopher V. Holt and Margaret P. Holt, 391 Shannon Run Road, $199,999. MARRIAGE LICENSES Sara Williamson and Joshua Carson Branham; Natalie Walker Moll and Stanley Michael Allen II; Emily Dawn Ware and Anthony Michael Pernice; Virginia Sutton Wagoner and Fredy Marshall Wagoner; Jennifer Lynn Bowman and Jeremy Ryan Lujan; Marissa Lynn Kontak and William Maxwell Fidler; Dina O. Havula and Danil S. Silchuk; Beverly Nicole Metcalf and Paul Christopher Perkins-Swatsler; Haylea Regan Johnson and Anthony Lee Kahn; Yvonne Jean Porter and Lewis Samuel Soltese; Bobbi Sue Hyatt and Anthony Wayne Conner; Skylar Lee McKenzie and Bobby Ray Robinson III; Kayla Nicole Patton and Matthew Ryan Parks; Amberlee Gray Mirzaian and Jeremy Al Leve; Shanda Michelle Painter and Joel Stephen Toadvine; Julianne Battalia Lowe and Travis Allen Todd.

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