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I love to talk about our Midway weekends, and for me not to mention last weekend's Midway Merchants' Old Fashion Christmas Kick-off and Chili Cook-off would be unforgivable. The event was a mini version of the Midway Fall Festival. Throughout the day, more than 3,000 people made their way through downtown Midway. The shops were filled with people and the sidewalk vendors were surrounded by curious shoppers looking for that something special. Many of the merchants had a bigger business day than they did during the last day of this year's Midway Fall Festival. Midway's newest businesses, Higher Ground, Wine and Wood, Brown Barrel, and Blind Harry's, received a nice surprise to their bottom line with the extra surge of people coming in to see what they had to offer. Peggy Angel, president of the Midway Business Association, was quoted as saying Saturday's holiday-season kickoff was a big success. "The merchants were just ecstatic with the turnout we had," she said. Of course, the regular restaurants were going full bore, as people were standing in line to get a table and taste some of the great food that Midway had to offer. However, there was other food being made available for consumption by way of a chili cook-off. There were 10 contestants and over 100 ticket holders that had paid $5 for the right to sample all the chili and vote on the winning pot. The winners were Midway resident Debra Shockley, first place; second place went to an out-of-towner, Minto's 760. However, Minton's 760, represented by Ashley Minton, is a restaurant that will soon be part of the downtown Midwegian culture. Next summer, they should be opening at a building on North Gratz Street just beyond the Brown Barrel. The third-place winner is none other than the guy who can't turn down a chili cook-off contest no matter where it's being held. Finishing two places behind his better half is the "Chili Man" himself, Bart Shockley. Proceeds from the chili cook-off went to benefit Toys for Tots. I would like to recognize Steve and Julie Morgan and Amy Bowman for making this event possible. They put in a lot of time and effort into this event, long before anyone shows up for the party. ... Midway has become a destination for those who like to run and ride bicycles. Saturday was a runners' day. The second annual Hope for Tomorrow 5 K and 1 Mile Fun Run got the streets filled with runners early Saturday morning. All proceeds from this event will benefit the Hope For Tomorrow Children's Home in Guatemala. ... Midway has three new TV stars. Duane Yeager of Yeager Antiques, Joe Fisher of Fisher Antiques, and Mary Sayre, owner of May and Co., recently put Midway in a very good light with their appearance on KET's Kentucky Collectables. The short film segment featured shots of downtown Midway, interviews with Yeager, Fisher and Sayre, and shots of items inside their stores. Take a few minutes and try to catch the next showing on KET. I guarantee, after seeing the clip, you'll take a little more time and check out the shops. You won't have to travel far. . KETKY: Thursday, Nov. 9, at 8:30 a.m. . KET2: Thursday, Nov. 9, at 1 p.m. . KETKY: Saturday, Nov. 11, at 7:30 a.m. ... "Mammaw, I like it when Cousin James comes to visit, but he stays too long, never knows when to leave." I had to voice my thoughts about Cousin Jim to my Irish grandmother, hoping she knew a way shorten his visit. "Well Johnny Boy, I'm not sure what we can do about him staying so long. He's the kind of man that goes to wedding and stays for the christening."

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