• Bob Vlach, Woodford Sun Staff

Students create Pope-inspired art at St. Leo School

CARDS, like the one pictured, include a quote from Pope Francis and art created by students at St. Leo School. Proceeds from the sales of the cards will help refugee families in the Catholic Diocese of Lexington. (Photo by Bob Vlach)

After Rosie Fedorchuk saw the beauty in the art created by her students to accompany quotes from Pope Francis, fifth-grade teacher Patty Dawson suggested transforming their poster art into cards. So began a project at St. Leo School to sell their Pope-inspired cards to help refugee families in the Catholic Diocese of Lexington. "These are Pope Francis's words," said Fedorchuk of the quotes. "He would want to help the poor." Fifth-, sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders contributed their artistic talents to the project. "It was really fun to do, and cool to do (art that illustrates) what Pope Francis said," seventh-grader Madison McMahon explained. Seeing their artwork on printed cards - alongside quotes from Pope Francis - made Madison and other students feel proud of what they can accomplish. "It's actually really great to help people who don't (have) a home," said sixth-grader Emmanuel Castillo. "They need help." Fifth-grade student Caroline Rabinowitz said she likes seeing diversity in the people around her, which helped guide her creativity for this art class project. "Because not everybody appreciates (our differences) as much as others do. And people need to appreciate that everybody's a little bit different," said Caroline, 10. When asked about art class, Emmanuel said Fedorchuk, his art teacher, "gives us an idea and we get to be creative about it - draw and paint." Fedorchuk said this recent art project was inspired by Bro. Mickey McGrath. Copies of a book, with his art accompanied by quotes from Pope Francis, were sold at last summer's National Pastoral Musicians Convention, which she attended.

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