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Help with Stonegate entrance

Editor, The Sun: I live in Stonegate which has one way in, one way out. I would like to have someone follow up if there’s anything being done. Talk to your magistrate, talk to the firemen about how much longer it will take them to get in and out of Stonegate if there’s a fire or an emergency (heart attack), etc.

Will Cain The best high school teachers in action

Editor, The Sun: As Chairman of the Woodford Economic Development Authority (EDA) and a paid economic development consultant to Midway, Versailles and the Woodford Fiscal Court, I get to do a lot of interesting things. On Monday, Nov. 6, I experienced one of the most enjoyable days I’ve had while serving in this position. I got to experience the best high school teachers in the state in action.

The EDA, with cooperation of the Woodford County School System, organized the first of what is hopefully an annual Teacher Industry Day. The goal was to allow teachers to visit some of our local manufacturing companies to gain an understanding of what today’s manufacturing environment looks like and to take this experience back into the classroom to prepare their students for their industry day in the spring; and more importantly, prepare students for their future careers.

The teachers readily gave up their professional development day to tour Quad/Graphics and Ledvance in the morning and then the balance of their afternoon to process what they had experienced. Their commitment to their students was evident as they discussed ways to incorporate the workforce needs of industry to the mission of creating students ready to go to the next step in their lives whether it is work or post-secondary education. There was much discussion on soft skills, technical skills, work ethic and expanding career paths. They readily absorbed the good opportunities available to our students in our local industries and with great enthusiasm discussed ways to incorporate workplace expectations into their curriculum.

For over a year now the EDA and school officials have been working to expand the connection between our local industries and the opportunities that are available to our students. The cooperation from the school board, central office and the teachers has been remarkable. On Monday I experienced the teachers incorporating a need from the community into their mission of doing what’s best for their students. What I experienced easily justifies the present and future tax dollars we commit to our school system.

John E. Soper, III Chairman Woodford Economic Development Authority

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