• John McGary, Woodford Sun Staff

More Than A Bakery celebrates new beginning in Versailles

MORE THAN A BAKERY officials held a ribbon cutting Tuesday, Nov. 21 at the company’s 250,000 square-foot plant off Big Sink Road. From left, holding the small scissors, Felicia Quigg; Bill Quigg and treasurer Rob Quigg. (Photo by John McGary)

One member of the public at More Than A Bakery’s ribbon cutting on Tuesday, Nov. 21, noted that it was the best-attended ribbon-cutting to which he’d ever been.

That brought a smile to the face of owner Bill Quigg, whose other title at the Big Sink Road cracker and cookie factory is “chief smile creator.” Quigg refers to his employees as family members, and Quigg’s wife, Felicia, is the company’s “director of family pride.”

After the ribbon was cut, Quigg noted that he and other bakery staff were on the other side of a large counter just inside the front doors, wearing bakery-only shoes, because of the company’s interest in food safety.

“We’ve had a lot of very nice people ask for tours. We politely declined that for that very reason …” Quigg said, adding that board members present that morning had to go through an hour-long process before stepping behind the counter.

One high-ranking member said he’d already washed his hands four times before the 11 a.m. ceremony, to which an employee said, to laughter, “We didn’t even let you touch the cookies.”

Quigg said 50 workers have already been hired and the company plans to start a second shift in February or March. Original plans for the $57.1 million, 250,000 square-feet facility included a total of 310 employees.

A variety of the company’s cookies – mostly flavored graham crackers – were available to sample, some of which were made at the new plant. Quigg said presently, the company, which is headquartered in Richmond, Ind., sells most of their products to schools, with some going to retirement homes and prisons.

In response to a question, Quigg said the company’s headquarters is still online and workers there were “very excited for us to be making these products, because they’re running seven days a week. So we’re going to relieve some of that pressure off of them …”

Some of that workload will come to the Versailles plant, Quigg said.

“We very much have been welcomed into Woodford County and Versailles and I want to thank you for the open arms with which you’ve treated us …” Quigg said. “Encourage your friends – we’re adopting new family members as we speak.”

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