• Bill Caine, Woodford Sun Staff

WCHS hosts Black vs Gold duals

REECE GOSS AND DYLAN PRESTON battle in a 120-pound wrestle-off for a varsity spot on the WCHS wrestling team on Tuesday, Nov. 21. (Photo by Bill Caine)

The Woodford County High School wrestling team competed in the black and gold duals on Tuesday, Nov. 21. The duals were put in place by coach Rusty Parks for wrestlers to compete for a spot on the varsity team. This season the Mat Jackets will have their largest team in ten years. The winners of the the duals will hold a varsity spot for the first two meets of the season and will be eligible to challenge again for a chance at the starting position.

Before the meet began, Parks addressed the fans and thanked them for their support.

“We have many kids fighting for a spot tonight but lets not cheer for them by name, lets just cheer for Woodford,” Parks told the crowd of over 150 spectators.

“We had a lot of exciting matches tonight,” said Parks. “We were able to see some things we need to work on but also some very positive things happened tonight. Overall I was very pleased with the effort and also the support by the friends and families of the wrestling program. The lineup will change as the season goes on as kids get stronger and work on some things. Everything on this team is earned and that's what makes a night like tonight so special. We let the fans see how a spot on our team is earned. Not many programs do something like this. It's hard to sit and watch this unfold without coaching but at the same time, it's nice to watch the kids figure this out on their own and problem solve. I was inspired by how competitive tonight was. These are friends, teammates and family members but when the whistle blows, they go to work. If we can build off of that intensity in the coming weeks, this will be a dangerous team.”

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