• By Gloria J. Hosé


I feel I had to write a response to the article concerning Woodford County agreeing to the supplying of needles to the addicted population in Woodford County. The article was dated Nov. 16, 2017.

I feel decisions like these made by our county as well as any other county is not the answer to such a huge problem.

Providing clean needles will not fix this issue - only enable the behavior. We give free lifesaving shots over and over again, free use of our EMT and all other emergency services and now free needles???

Yes, I am so very saddened by all the wonderful, smart, and talented people of our community who have and will succumb to this dreadful addiction. It is a condition entered into, in most cases, by free will and free choice; and it will only be defeated with free will and free choice by the person involved.

I feel long-term help is the best chance to fight this issue. Not one month, not two months, or three months, or a smack on the hand and letting the offender get right back out there again and again.

Most addicts will need constant help. Addiction is not a short-term fix. This is an issue only the addict can decide to overcome.

Humanity has lost touch with whom they should be helping.

We have elderly in this county who need help with food, medicine, necessities and companionship. Nursing homes are full of sweet souls who only want attention and love.

What about helping them?

Small children are being beaten and murdered almost daily at the hands of parents, family members, strangers, and yes, also some foster families.

We have more grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, great aunts, and yes, even great-great aunts and uncles too - raising family members’ children because the birth parents will not live up to their responsibilities as parents. The only thing they want as a parent - is the free assistance they receive!

What about these precious little ones?? They are our future! Something is terribly wrong with today’s morals when we help those who will not help themselves and yet we do nothing to help those in real need and struggling each and every day.

God bless our community and our country by continuing to show us the right and moral thing to do.

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