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Lego robotics programs for 4-H youth Woodford County 4-H features a variety of programming opportunities throughout the year that cover all sorts of interests and topics. One such opportunity that has exploded, not only in 4-H but throughout the schools as well, is the 4-H Lego Robotics club. This club offers an opportunity to get hands-on with Legos as they build and learn to code their robot to complete a variety of tasks. This club begins in January in Woodford County and runs until the District 4 Lego Robotics Competition in April.

With the first practice beginning in late January, 4-H Lego Robotics club members will spend time first learning what makes a robot a robot and then building a basic bot utilizing the Lego Mindstorms EV-3 units. Youth participants will learn teamwork and communication skills as they first build the basic EV-3 model and then further critical thinking skills as they make modifications that will help the bot complete the tasks placed before them.

After mastering the build aspects, participants will begin learning how to successfully code or program their bot to perform a variety of maneuvers specific to the job before them. This process utilizes the Lego Mindstorms software on a laptop, allowing the students to work through the step-by-step process that coders and programmers must go through to successfully code. By the end, participants will have their robots navigating mazes, stopping and following lines, identifying different colors and detecting obstacles in front of them. The challenge then becomes integrating these together to have the robot complete several tasks in succession in order to quickly accomplish whatever challenge they may be facing.

In April, the participants will travel to the Woodford County Middle School where they will compete against over 30 other teams from around the state in the District 4 Lego Robotics Competition. Each bot will compete in several challenges and receive a score depending on how they do in the challenge, and awards will be given out to the top senior and junior teams based on those scores. This offers a great cumulative opportunity for the kids to demonstrate all they have learned throughout the year.

If you or someone you know would be interested in participating in the 4-H Lego Robotics club in Woodford County you can call (859) 873-4601 or email ryan.farley@uky.edu. Applications will be available in early January.

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