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Clippings from the,Blue Grass Clipper

Dec. 12, 1918 . . .The A.C. Pettit Company, located for several years in the old post office stand on Railroad Street, announced plans to move on Jan. 1two doors west, bringing them next door to the Clipper office.

The Baptist Parsonage, which was fitted up for an emergency hospital during the recent influenza epidemic, was closed on Saturday and donated items were returned to the local givers. A few houses in Midway are still under quarantine but no new cases have been reported for several days.

M.A. Wilhoit, of Versailles, died in Frankfort Thursday of pneumonia. He is survived by his wife, who was Miss Fannie Brown, and a four year old son. Burial was in the Midway Cemetery.

Kenneth D. Alexander is ill with influenza at Woodburn Farm, the home of his brother, Dr A.JA. Alexander. Arriving from Boston last week where he had been an aviation instructor, Alexander had previously seen service in the ambulance corps in France, Serbia and Italy and had made the trip from Paris to the Italian front in his ambulance.

Influenza has claimed 15 deaths at the Feeble-Minded Institute in Frankfort and there are several new cases in the State Penitentiary, but no deaths yet.

Howard Rouse, of Paynes Depot, was elected president of the Hampshire Association at a meeting in Chicago last week.

Col. E.H. Taylor Jr.’s prized Herefords walked off with one first and three seconds in the Livestock Show at Chicago last week.

Coffee was kept at 8 cents per pound during the fixed price period and has now shot up to more than 19 cents a pound. General opinion is beginning to harden around the supposition that the German Kaiser was responsible for the despicable acts of his troops in Belgium and France, for the ruthless submarine war, and for the aerial bombardment of “open towns.”

American troops have entered Mainz, capital of the province of Rhenish Hesse and one of the principal fortresses of Germany on the left bank of the Rhine River.

Mrs. G.R. Bohannon, 57, of Versailles, died in Louisville Saturday from the effects of influenza. She is survived by her husband, a daughter, a son, Richard Jr. of Cincinnati. Burial was in the Lexington Cemetery.

Mrs. Will Blackburn, 61, died at her home on High Street in Versailles after a long illness. She is survived by her husband; three daughters, Mrs. Russell Etherington, Mrs. Myrtle Smith and Mrs. June Shelton; and three sons, Henry, Worth and Charlie Blackburn.

Miss Tevis Camden arrived home for a visit this week. She has been trained in the treatment of shell-shocked victims and expects to be sent overseas soon. Miss Anne Camden is taking a course in training at Fort Oglethorpe, Ga. Both are the daughters of Sen. and Mrs. J.N. Camden.

Bolivar Bond and C.E. Buckley sold to J.T. McGurk the E.L. Mitchell farm of 225 acres which was recently purchased from Keene Arnold. The farm is situated on the Dry Ridge Pike, 3 miles from Versailles.

Private Brack Reed, of Versailles, is on the latest casualty list among those severely wounded.

Ernest Razor, 36, a farmer who lived near Lexington on the Leestown Pike, died of influenza Tuesday. He was a son of Nathaniel Razor and was born in Woodford County. He is survived by his wife, three small children, four sisters and five brothers, including A.N. and Roland Razor of Woodford County. Dec. 13, 1940… Midway City Council decreed that warrants would be issued for any owners of real estate who have not connected their plumbing systems to the municipal sewer as mandated in the recently enacted ordinance.

Mrs. Anna G. Hartley, county draft board secretary, has been notified to classify and order physical exams for nine more men, or six for every 1,000 registered. There are more than 1,400 registered for the draft in Woodford County. Those who will volunteer for one year will be placed first on the list and it is believed there will be enough of these volunteers to fill the January call.

Midway High defeated Great Crossing 55-23 on Dec. 7, and also won the preliminary game by 28-12. The game was rough and Kenneth Portwood fouled out in the first quarter before any other Blue Jay had committed a foul. Later, Sams also fouled out. Paul Noel led Midway with 23 points, followed by A. Wilson and Hash with 11 each. In the “B” game, Midway scoring was done by Craig, with eight, Redden six, Hill five, Carpenter four, H. Wilson three, and Riddle two. The game slated for Dec. 13 will pit Midway against Burgin, two of the area’s best teams, followed by a game between the Midway and Versailles Independents. Midway, in games against Lawrenceburg and Great Crossing, has racked up 111 points to 38 for the opposition. A battle is expected between the two great centers, Midway’s Paul Noel and Burgin’s Jack Coleman. Noel has an average of over 20 per game this year and Coleman averages over 17. Last season, Noel scored 20 points in 37 minutes against Burgin while Coleman was scoring 22 pointsin 64 minutes of action. Midway inaugurates a new $175 electric scoreboard which should add much to the enjoyment of the spectators.

Miss Emma Ahring died Dec. 6, in Louisville. A native of Indiana and a Spanish-American war nurse, she served as superintendent of Woodford Memorial Hospital from 1916 until 1936. Burial was in Rest Haven Cemetery in Louisville.

The condition of J.H. Reigner, former editor and owner of the Clipper, who has been ill for more than a week, remains unchanged.

Jed Harmon underwent an operation in Louisville this week for removal of a nail head from his eyeball.

The Clipper speculates, through the column of David M. Porter, that J. Lyter Donaldson has gained considerable political power in the Johnson administration at Frankfort and that he may well be a candidate against Sen. A.B. Chandler in 1942 for the U.S. Senate seat. The article also says that the loser of that race will probably be a candidate for governor in 1943.

Miss Ann Carolyn Faust has recovered from a case of mumps and young Alec Harper is down with malady.

The condition of Dr. Joe Lehman, who has been a patient at Good Samaritan Hospital for two weeks, is unchanged. Mildred Lacefield is ill at her home on Turner Street with chicken pox.

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