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Letters to the Editor

Barr has my vote Editor, The Sun

While his opponents have begun the predictable internecine mud-slinging indicative of a group without a solid direction forward, Congressman Andy Barr has been steadily working hard for the good folks of Kentucky. Working hard to do the right thing is not always an easy job, but Andy knows fixing health care and taxes are the tough jobs that it appears only Republicans can do. For too long we suffered with a stagnant economy and lower wages because our local banks couldn’t lend to local businesses. Our empty Main Street storefronts are a sad reminder of the terrible regulations passed exclusively on Democrat votes known as Dodd-Frank. Ask any local banker how difficult those ridiculous regulations have made it for local businesses.

Over the last eight years there were thousands of these needless rules imposed on our lives. This year we’ve started to roll back many of the egregious attacks on our freedoms and way of life. Andy’s opponents all want to go back to that terrible time.

Kentucky’s choice is very straight-forward. We can continue to emerge from the mire that was Democrat job-killing policies, or return to it. My vote is for Andy Barr because Kentucky deserves better. Bill Marshall Midway, KY

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