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Jacketfish finish second at WCI

EMMA OBERLANDER ,second from the top, dives into the pool to start the women’s 200-yard freestyle relay at the Woodford County Invitational on Saturday, Dec. 16. (Photo by Bill Caine)

The WCHS swim team hosted the Woodford County Invitational on Saturday, Dec. 16 at Falling Springs. Over 400 swimmers from 20 different teams came to compete in the event. Woodford County placed second overall in the competition. The men's team placed first and the women's team was third.

“The meet went extremely well,” said WCHS Coach Blair Hicks. “There were a ton of best times from almost every swimmer on this team. The hard work in practice is paying off in their swim times.”

In the first event of the day, Emma Oberlander, Katie Gatewood, Madeline Gatewood and Natalie Eller combined for sixth place in the women's 200-yard medley relay (2:11.03). In the men's 200-yard medley relay, Isaac Tonges, Luke Gardner, Cole Janzow and Riley Gardner won the event for Woodford County (1:48.98).

Madeline Gatewood finished second in the women's 200-yard freestyle (2:06.29) and Kyleigh Davis was 10th (2:25.51).

Clay Lewis won the men's 200-yard freestyle (1:56.64), Preston Upthegrove was sixth (2:12.79) and William Fisher finished ninth (2:16.36).

Katie Gatewood finished third in the women's 200-yard individual medley (2:21.20) and Caroline Crain placed 10th (2:48.43). Cole Janzow finished second in the men's 200-yard individual medley (2:07.32).

In the women's 50-yard freestyle, Emma Oberlander was the top placer for Woodford County coming in at 14th place (29.09). Olivia Damm was 15th (29.18). Luke Gardner finished third in the men's 50-yard freestyle (23.54) and Riley Gardner was 12th (25.12).

“I love this team,” said Luke Gardner. “ I enjoy swimming but to be able to swim with these guys everyday makes it so much more fun. The support that we give to each other is incredible and we all just want each other to win. When you come out of the water after a big race and see your teammates ready to celebrate, it's really special.”

Katie Gatewood finished second in the women's 100-yard fly (1:02.06) and Isabel Taylor was 10th (1:17.89). Cole Janzow won the men's 100-yard fly (55.26) and Nate Janzow was ninth (1:06.47).

Damm was the top finisher for Woodford County in the women's 100-yard freestyle placing 17th (1:04.84) and Erin Oberlander was 18th (1:06.14). Luke Gardner won the men's 100-yard freestyle (51.56) in the closest race of the day over Lincoln County High School's Woods Smith (51.57).

Madeline Gatewood finished second in the women's 500-yard freestyle (5:45.43) and Upthegrove placed 10th in the men's 500-yard freestyle (6:06.87).

Woodford County placed seventh in the women's 200-yard freestyle relay. Damm, Emma Oberlander, Paden Nicholson and Natalie Eller combined for a time of (2:00.10). Upthegrove, Riley Gardner, Fisher and Lewis teamed up for a fifth place finish in the men's 200-yard freestyle relay (1:42.15).

Emma Oberlander was 16th in the women's 100-yard backstroke (1:18.08) .

Tonges won the men's 100-yard backstroke (1:00.97), and Lewis was second (1:02.14) , and Riley Gardner was sixth (1:04.61).

In the women's 100-yard breaststroke, Crain placed eighth (1:22.79) and Anna Nuckols was 15th (1:27.64). Nate Janzow was 11th in the men's 100-yard breaststroke (1:14.29).

In the women's 400-yard freestyle relay, Katie Gatewood, Madeline Gatewood, Erin Oberlander and Damm placed fourth (4:07.14). Tonges, Lewis, Cole Janzow and Luke Gardner were the winning team in the men's 400-yard freestyle relay (3:37.37).

“It's a great experience to be able to have this many top swimmers come to our facility and compete,” said Cole Janzow. “Everyone on our team has been very energetic and excited and we are looking forward to the second half of our season.”

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