• Bob Vlach, Woodford Sun Staff

Southside second-graders donate profits to help others

Using what they’d learned in their fourth-grade economics class, 90 students sold their goods and services during the annual Entrepreneur Fair at Southside Elementary School. In addition to helping students gain a better understanding of economic concepts and business practices, teacher Sheri Logan said the recent fair was also an opportunity to teach fourth-graders about how they can show empathy toward others. Southside students donated their profits from this year’s Entrepreneur Fair ($3,549.10) to Cowboy Up for a Cure, a nonprofit organization that provides funding to benefit children with various forms of pediatric cancer. “Seeing 90 kids eager to do that,” said Logan, “is amazing. That to me made all of this work for them, their parents and us so worthwhile.” She said donating to Cowboy Up was also a way to support two of their peers, who have faced cancer in their young lives. For a second consecutive year, fourth-grade students received free educational materials on small business practices from Papa John’s, which supports what they learned in the classroom leading up to the recent Entrepreneur Fair in Southside’s gym. Students also learned how to speak to potential customers – parents and other students – and how to turn ideas into marketable products and services that they can sell for a profit. And before going on winter break, they’ll write a narrative piece about their experience as an entrepreneur. “They grow in so many ways other than just learning economic terms,” said Logan. She said one of the more valuable lessons students have learned has been the value of helping others by donating their profits to a deserving charity. Last year’s fourth-graders, with the support of their parents, donated $3,200 to the American Diabetes Association. Those dollars were mostly generated from the sale of goods and services at the Entrepreneur Fair, Logan said.

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