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Woodford County 4-H Communications Contest Held in January

The Woodford County 4-H Council will host the Woodford County 4-H Communications Contest beginning at 9:00 a.m. on Jan. 27, 2018.

To compete, 4-H members may choose to either give a speech or demonstration and will do so in front of a selection of judges, who will not only score the speech/demonstration, but also provide feedback on how to improve in the future.

A 4-H demonstration must be five to 15 minutes long and includes visual aids such as posters, props and other equipment. Examples of demonstrations could include how to cook an egg, how to juggle a soccer ball, how to assemble a first aid kit or others. There are many different categories that a 4-H demonstration may be entered. Members are allowed to enter up to one demonstration and/or one speech. A special category, Team Demonstrations, allows two 4-H members to work together. Each must speak an equal amount of time. Likewise, the Presentation Software category is for demonstrations that utilized a computer generated presentation such as PowerPoint. Other demonstration categories include Science & Natural Resources, General, Foods, Horse, Clothing & Sewing, Breads, Safety, Egg Preparation, Performing Arts, Crafts & Photography, Health, Home Environment & Management, Dairy Foods, Horticulture, Science, Engineering & Technology, Shooting Sports, Animal Science, and Mock Job Interviews (for senior 4-Hers only). Many 4-H members have written a “how-to” piece for school which would serve as an excellent basis for a 4-H demonstration.

In contrast, a 4-H speech includes no props but can be written on note cards and must be between three to five minutes long for 4-H members ages nine to 13; and five to seven minutes long for 4-H members 14 to 18. Topics covered can be anything of interest to the 4-Her as long as they are appropriate, including 4-H Country Ham speeches.

The Woodford County 4-H Council will award ribbons to each participant in the contest. The members who receive champion honors will also receive $20 and the opportunity to compete again in the Fort Harrod Area 4-H

Demonstration and Speech contests held in March and April. Winners from the area competition will be invited to compete at the state level on UK’s campus over the summer.

4-H members who are involved in the 4-H Country Ham project may use their country ham speech in the 4-H Talk Meet. It is a good way to practice before the Kentucky State Fair.

For more information or contest rules regarding the Woodford County 4-H Communications Contest, please contact the Woodford County Cooperative Extension Service, 873-4601. Registration deadline for the event is Jan. 25, 2018.

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