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Clippings from the,Blue Grass Clipper

December 31, 1896… Woodford’s members of the Legislature, Sen . Henry L. Martin and Rep. John A. Steele, say that the Legislature has had its chance to elect a U.S. Senator and has found itself to be deadlocked. They both recommend the process be returned to the citizens in the form of primary and general elections.

E.M. Berryman died last Saturday of Bright’s Disease after a lengthy illness. He leaves a wife and two children, Mrs. Theresa Barbour and Robert Berryman.

James Nugent offers for sale his property at Duckers Station consisting of a store room and dwelling attached, three tenement houses and 10 acres of land.

E.L. Davis and Henry Martin Jr. have gone on a bird hunt to Casey County and are expected home this week.

Owen Brashear , a druggist here for several years and in charge of the Masonic Temple Drug Store for more than a year, has departed for Columbia, Tenn., to take a position with a drug firm there as head pharmacist.

T.F. Dunlap and Claude Williams returned last week from Atlanta where they disposed of 26 cotton mules at an average of $71 per head, or $15 per head less than the price paid at the same time last year.

Despite sensational claims in the daily press to the contrary, the family of the late Miss May Collins are satisfied that she met her death in Boston by accident and that charges of murder or suicide are totally without foundation. Dr. T.C. Collins, of Midway, is the girl’s father and N.C. Collins is her uncle. J.M. Hoge, of Midway, an attorney, was sent to Boston by the family to investigate the circumstances and has returned with statements from Dr. Draper and others which have entirely satisfied the family.

The History Club will hold its first regular meeting Monday night at the home of the Rev. J.C. McMullen.

The 20-year-old stepson of the manager of the Blue Grass Grocery in Midway had a close brush with death in Lexington Monday night. He was found by police and locked up for being drunk. It was later evident that he was quite ill and doctors were called. It was soon ascertained that he had taken morphine and cocaine and was at death’s door from an overdose. He rallied the next morning after four doctors worked on him for hours. He will probably recover.

A fight between Corbett and Fitzsimmons, the two great boxing experts, will take place on St. Patrick’s Day and will probably be in Mexico. The purse is $15,000. The fight will be to a finish. Dec. 27, 1918… The county health board has lifted the ban on schools which was imposed for the duration of the influenza epidemic, and therefore all county schools will open again on Monday. Eleven weeks have been lost due to the epidemic and make-up will come in the form of half-day classes on Saturdays until July 1.

Bond Spencer created great excitement Tuesday by flying his monoplane over Midway. He was en route from West Point, Mississippi to Dayton, Ohio on government business. When he came over Midway he was low enough for his #53 to be plainly seen. He landed in Dr. B.F. Parrish’s pasture and the plane was guarded overnight while he visited with his aunt,

Mrs. A.B. Arnett and Mr. Arnett. He circled the town a few more times the next day before flying off for good.

The hunger map of Europe shows that Russia, Finland, Armenia, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia are nearing starvation conditions. Greece, Rumania and parts of Russia are approaching the famine point, while Turkey, Italy and Bulgaria have a serious food shortage. The conditions in Germany and Austria-Hungary have not yet been classified.

John Parker, 62, died at his home on Higgins Street Wednesday of pneumonia. He is survived by his wife and two sons, George and Noah Parker.

The Midway Oil and Gas Company has been formed with a capital stock of $15,000 and already has land in the heart of the oil fields near Estill and Lee Counties. Members of the firm include B.R. and C.W. Murray, Mayor R.C. Richardson, R.Q. Cogar, A.B. Rumley and C.H. McLemore. General

Pershing now reports that U.S. casualties from the A.E.F. forces will amount to 66,892.

Death in 1918 claimed John L. Sullivan, the great fighter; Terry McGovern, a feather-weight champion; President Garfield’s widow; composer Claude Debussy; Confederate Gen. John B. Castleman; South Carolina Senator Ben Tillman; Senator Ollie James of Kentucky; U.S. Senator Jo Blackburn of Kentucky; Former Gov. and Sen. James B. McCreary of Kentucky.

M/M Smith Lawrence, who recently moved to Lexington, have now moved back to their residence located opposite the K.F.O.S.

Mrs. Ella Stone and Miss Ella Johnson, principals of the K.F.O.S., attended the funeral Of Mrs. A. T. Hurst at Versailles last Friday.

M/M James Hancock received word that their son, James, had been severely wounded in action. Later, a message said he had landed in New Jersey and made no mention of any wounds.

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