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Taylor Manor residents, appreciate, generosity, of others

It’s not uncommon for people living in the community or nearby to make a donation to Taylor Manor Nursing Home and its residents, administrator Sister Mary Faustina says.

Typically, she explains, “they just want to give, and so we accept whatever people want to bring in…” Blankets, towels and clothing are given to the residents or passed along to somebody else who can use those donated items, she says.

Donations at this time of year are often turned into a Christmas gift for every resident at Taylor Manor. Lotions, towels, washcloths and socks are simple items that most residents can use, Sister Faustina says.

“We try to really emphasize the dignity and the beauty of the elderly sick,” she says of Taylor Manor’s message to a larger community.

Because while Taylor Manor residents really do appreciate anything, “What they want and need is human interaction – somebody coming and just being generous with their time,” says Sister Faustina. “That’s really what most elderly need.

They just want somebody to be there with them.” Whether it’s reading a book to a resident or joining them on a walk or coming to Taylor Manor to sing a Christmas Carol.

“The residents love that,” says Sister Faustina.

“Christmas carols,” she continues, “are awesome because everybody remembers Christmas carols.”

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