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Clippings from the Blue Grass Clipper

Jan. 2, 1919… The County Board of Health has lifted the ban on Sunday schools’ meeting and this Sunday will mark the return to normal for the first time since the flu epidemic struck.

The Clipper reminds its readers that 1918 was a difficult year for newspapers due to the war, shortages, etc., and that many papers were forced under. The Clipper has survived, has not increased its rates, and looks forward to a good year.

The Clipper also reminds its readers that too much cannot be done for the more than 50,000 American soldiers who are returning to this country and are wounded to some degree

Bond Spencer once more entertained the people of Midway by circling the city several times in his monoplane, diving from 1,000 feet and finally landing in the pasture of Dr. B.F. Parrish.

Mr. Spencer spent that night at the home of his aunt, Mrs. A.B. Arnett.

Richard Campbell 39, died Tuesday at his home on Spring Station Pike. He had run a grocery on the Spring Station Pike for some years and was popular with all. Burial took place in the Lodge Cemetery on the Spring Station Pike.

The Commercial Bank voted to place the net earnings of the bank for the past six months, $2,100, to surplus account, according to Edna Hicks, cashier.

Many citizens of the Midway area are still coming down with the flu but the present strain, in most cases, appears to be milder than that which reigned heretofore.

John Allison, Cecil, Lacey and Wallace Greenup and Carter Adams returned after spending a few days in Lexington.

Miss Louise Merrill resumed her school near Mortonsville on Monday, the flu situation having improved in that locality.

M/M R.W. Lacefield received a telegram Wednesday from their son, Joe, stating that his ship had landed at a Virginia coastal town.

Mrs. W.M. Mastin and daughter have gone to Louisville to be with her husband who is at the base hospital at Camp Taylor for treatment.

M/M Will Martin have learned that their son, Bryan, has been discharged from the Navy and is on his way home from Puget Sound, Washington.

France admitted that its peace aims are merely to fix the Alsace-Lorraine border with Germany and to try to peacefully manage the inevitable intervention in Russian affairs which the present anarchy there foretells.

Radical elements containing socialists and former soldiers have begun a “Red” uprising in Berlin. Dr. Liebknecht, leader of the radicals, apparently intends to overthrow the Ebert government and to take control of government offices by force.

Thousands of Armenians throughout Persia and Turkey are destitute and starving and an urgent call for food and other supplies has been sent to all countries.

Street fighting in Posen and Warsaw has been brought about by Germans firing on American vehicles and flags and by Polish troops returning the fire. The arrival of Ignace Jan Paderewski with British and American officers set off some of the disturbances.

A banquet at Buckingham Palace was the feature of President and Mrs. Wilson’s royal welcome in Britain. Wilson and Queen Mary were first to be seated, followed by King George and Mrs. Wilson. There were 12 dignitaries at the head table.

Miss Belle Breck, sister of Mrs. Lucas Brodhead, has been a recent visitor to Woodford County. She has been summonded to return to her Red Cross work in Russia where she has been working among the prisoner of war camps.

Mrs. Elizabeth Anne Mosely Smith, 90, died Tuesday at the home of her grandson, H.L. Smith, after a long illness.

Miss Sue Talbott returned Tuesday from Cynthiana and resumed her duties at the city school in Versailles.

The name of Harvey Drury, Private, appeared on the casualty list Tuesday as being severely wounded.

Margaret College resumed its work Tuesday after being closed several weeks owing to the epidemic.

The body of Margaret Shy was brought from her home in Louisville to Frankfort for burial. Formerly of Millville, she was the only child of Ira Shy. Her early death was caused by flu.

Jan. 3, 1941… The Clipper editor reminds readers that E.A. Osborne has been a peace officer in Midway for 36 years and on New Year’s Eve, just before the stroke of midnight, on 36 occasions he has rung the bell at city hall.

Woodford County’s six volunteers for the January military call are Raymond Mucci, Versailles; Everett Thomas, Route 1; Richard Ward, Versailles; Henry Lynn, Route 4; Jesse Spencer , Route 5; and Elsworth L. Samuels, Millville. Questionnaires have been sent to 925 of the 1418 registered men in the county.

Two railroad hand cars had a head-on collision last Friday in the fog and rain near Duckers Station. The seven local men who were riding the two cars all were able to escape serious injury.

Among active U.K. students are Martha Jane Lacefield, daughter of Lister Lacefield of Bruen Street,who has pledged to Alpha Gamma Delta; William Everett Portwood, son of C.W. Portwood and Charles Nuckols, son of M/M Charles Nuckols, who were both among freshmen receiving football numerals; and Howard Edmond Sellers, son of Howard Sellers, who has been appointed Cadet Captain in the ROTC unit at U.K.

Midway has been the scene of a serious flu epidemic during the last days of December with most cases not serious but at least two, Joe Pfeiffer and Isaac Rouse, going into pneumonia and requiring hospitalization. There are about 20 cases in all in Midway.

Miss Kittie Baird, county health nurse, was hit by a car Monday night at the intersection in front of the courthouse. Miss Baird was taken to the hospital in Versailles and was reported to be suffering from shock and bruises but was apparently not seriously injured.

Midway High prevailed over Erlanger 43-22 on Dec. 21, to run their record to 7-0. Paul Noel poured in 19 points and Wilson added seven. All five Midway substitutes got to play and Sams, Noel and Sergent all fouled out in the rough game. Thirty-six personals and three technical fouls were called by referee John “Frenchy” DeMoisey, former U.K. star.

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