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Letter to the editor

Water gate 2017

Editor, The Sun:

Having read recent articles in The Sun and attending Fiscal Court meetings periodically, I decided to research the proposal by local residents of the discontinuance of 180 feet at the end of Shryock Ferry Road.

I drove three miles off Route 62 to a gravel road which led to an unmarked, unmanned, remote structure that is the water source for most of Woodford County. The lack of security surprised me.

The process of road discontinuance has many requirements, one of these being the appointment of two neutral viewers to view the sight with the County Road Engineer and return with their findings.

After visiting the sight, this committee returned with a recommendation to grant the proposed discontinuance. They gave multiple reasons for their recommendation, including the security of the water intake building.

While there are always multiple sides to any one story, I would like to think that, moving forward, county officials will make decisions based on fact and not emotion.

Steve Maley Versailles

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