• Bob Vlach, Woodford Sun Staff

Sub-zero temps spur discussion on response to emergencies

With temperatures dipping below zero in Central Kentucky this week, the deputy director of Emergency Management told Versailles City Council on Tuesday that his agency has not been made aware of any unmet needs in the community. If and when a need arises as a result of an emergency such as a person needing shelter from the cold, Russ Crabtree said plans are in place to help. He noted that a shelter was set up at Falling Springs Parks and Recreation Center for people in the community who were without electricity and/or water during the ice storm of 2009. Help is also available through the Salvation Army and other agencies if a family does not have a place to stay after losing their home to a fire, he said. While the basement of the Woodford County Courthouse can serve as a warming place, Crabtree said, “in this community there’s no problem getting help … and I urge you that if you know of some kind of unmet need” call local police or other emergency services. Crabtree also announced that Emergency Management with the support of Homeland Security is bringing “You Are the Help Until Help Arrives” to inform people living here about how they can respond to a disaster and help their neighbors. “The fact of the matter is the authorities can’t be everywhere all the time and citizens have to step up,” said Crabtree. He said the 40-minute video and presentation informs people about what may happen if disaster strikes and what to do until help arrives. An online course exists for those wanting to learn about how they can “Help Until Help Arrives,” and Crabtree agreed to work with Versailles Council member Ken Kerkhoff on how the city can promote this program to a wider segment of the community. Later, Public Works Director Bart Miller said sub-freezing temperatures led to water leaks on Paddock Drive on New Year’s Eve and that his crews responded to another leak on Camden Avenue Tuesday. “On a personal note,” said Miller, “at home – when it gets as cold as it is – we’re leaving faucets dripping. People that don’t want their waterlines freezing may want to think about doing that.” Opening up cabinet doors underneath sinks will also help warm pipes, he added. Website upgrades The council unanimously approved an agreement to upgrade the City of Versailles’ website. The improvements include a “modern user experience” and an interactive redesign with up-to-date information on frequently asked questions such as garbage and leaf pickup schedules, Kerkhoff said. The approved contract with Kentucky Interactive, LLC was $5,688. MLK breakfast Mayor Brian Traugott reminded council members that the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Breakfast is coming up on Monday, Jan. 15, at 8:30 a.m., at First Christian Church in Versailles. The downtown march happens that evening at 5:30, followed by a MLK Day service at First Baptist Church.

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