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The Week At Midway - Personals and Comments

Midway literally hit the ground running for 2018. Even though it was the coldest day of the year 208 runners and walkers braved the freezing temperatures and oncoming cars with iced over windshields to participate in the Second Annual Frozen Rails 5K. The first Midwegian to cross the finish line was Peter Fisher running the course in 22 minutes and 58 seconds finishing 12th overall, and came in second in his age group. He is now home and, if he is lucky, his legs should be thawed out by Friday and walking normal again.

There were a lot of runners from Midway and Versailles. The runner that lived the furthest away was Rebecca Drummond, who listed her residence as Edinburgh, Scotland. She ran fourth out of the 129 females entered.

For all you Midway Library goers, you may be interested that librarian and Midway resident, Stacy Thurman, ran 37th overall and won her division, Female 35 to 39, outrunning 15 other runners in that division.

You may recall the chili cook-off that was held downtown last month when Debra Shockley won first place absolutely cremating her husband, Bart Shockley’s chili entry. It kind of looks like Bart may have found something that he can beat Debra in. He did outrun her by 10 minutes or so in the Frozen Rails 5K. So he now holds bragging rights till the chili cook-off at the Midway Christian Church this month on Jan. 29. Bart entered the chili event last year. Will his wife, chili champion Debra, enter this year? Will Bart enter his chili once again against his champion chili-making wife or just lay back on his Frozen Rails 5K running laurels in an attempt to avoid another humiliating defeat at the hands of his wife? We will know for sure in a couple of weeks and you, the reader, will be the first to know the results.

A new event for Midway will be opening this month. Please mark your calendars and plan to join us for our FREE “On a Winter’s Night,” Midway Artists Showcase. There will be an open jam session at 5:30 p.m., and the show starts at 6:30 p.m. All ages are welcome. The following places will be hosting: Eat, Drink, Breathe Midway; The Homeplace; Higher Grounds; and the Midway Women’s Club.

The dates have been set:

January 14: Blake Jones, Bill and Leslie Penn

Location: Eat, Drink, Breathe Midway

January 28: The Hills, Grayson Vandegrift

Location: Eat, Drink, Breathe Midway

February 11: Sara Day Evans, Readings by Bob Rouse

Location: Midway Women’s Club

February 25: Open Mick Night

Location: Higher Grounds

March 4: Midway University students, Aaron Hamilton

Location: The Homeplace

March 18: Nathaniel Wyatt, Bruce Skeeter

Location: Eat, Drink, Breathe Midway

Remember last week I reported that my brother gave me an Ancestry DNA kit for Christmas. I waited two days for my body to metabolize the Jameson Irish Whiskey that I had imbibed during Christmas dinner and while opening gifts. After checking all the reviews and comments on this kit. I’ve learned that it wouldn’t have any effect on my test. The Irish DNA markers would have the Jameson molecules devoured before the test samples reached the lab. (NOTE- This works only if you’re sure there is some Irish in your background. If your linage goes back to the pilgrims or Mormons you may want to give your body more time to eliminate any recently imbibed alcohol.)

So I did supply the saliva, put it into the tube. Then I was instructed to put the tube in a plastic bag (included in the kit) and seal it.

However, before I sealed the bag I added a lock of hair and an old sock that I had worn for a few days right along with the tube. I wanted to be sure they had me covered from head to toe. I’m off to mail the kit and I will be anxiously awaiting the results, more on this later.

To all volunteers out there, mark your calendars for the Hospice Volunteer training class that will be held Thursday, Jan. 25, 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. The class will take place at 643 Teton Trail, Frankfort. Pizza & drinks will be provided and you will learn about the Bluegrass Care Navigators, how you can help Hospice patients and families, and how you can assist Hospice staff. RSVP to Shellie Brown at (502) 223-1744 or sbrown@bgcarenav.org.

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