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Wishes for 2018

Note: With 2018 approaching (not to mention the first 2018 Sun deadline), we decided that rather than interview community leaders about their hopes for the new year, we’d ask “ordinary” citizens the same questions. We asked what they wanted for themselves, their loved ones, and the nation. Here’s what folks in and around the Amsden Coffee Club had to say: Lisa Crabtree, Versailles, Amsden Coffee Club employee: “I worked for 18 years two doors down at Show Place Realty, and I’ve been away for awhile. I love being back on Main Street, and every day, you start to realize who’s regular and who’s not, and I love to see people come in and chat across the table and meet new people. So I just hope we continue to grow our base of people who love it as much as we do here. “I would love to see unity in our country – to work for the good of the country and not (political) parties.”

Caiti Woods, Georgia, visiting in-laws in Versailles: “I hope that 2018 brings a year of creativity and a time to just have inhibition thrown to the wind and the willingness to just dive in to any passion that you put your heart to. … My husband’s a tennis pro. I’ve never played in my life, so I’m trying to figure that one out, and just putting my hand to anything that I can get my hands on to try and learn. I think that life is too short to wait on dreams and to wait on maybe a passion that maybe you want to try but can’t at this moment, so just trying to figure out ways to enjoy it while you can in whatever time and capacity you can.”

Jeanette Davis, Nicholasville: “I work at Asbury University and I just hope that it brings me more opportunities to develop relationships with those awesome … students. And to pore into their life and let them pore into my life. Even though I’m old, I still learn things from them every day. They’re awesome and amazing.” “I would really like to see people looking at each other instead of at each others political leanings and just see each other as people. And it sounds so cliché, but to really come together as people.”

Beth Carrico, Versailles: “Just, with family, moving forward and continuing health and happiness and with my son venturing off to college, just beginning a new phase in our life.. .” “I hope (the country) continues to move forward in a positive way. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.” (Laughs)

Erica Bethel, Lexington, in town to visit Carrico, a fellow teacher at Lexington’s Clays Mill Elementary: “Just health and continuing on with happiness with my kids and my husband and family in general. “Just trying to move forward positively and people setting aside differences to move together for the best for everyone.”

Mary Caroline Farah, Lexington, former barista, in town to visit friend: “That my brother stays safe driving, because he got his license, and that I can live out of the state for a couple of months.” “More people (to) become tolerant of people that aren’t like themselves, and to search for peace, rather than start a fight with someone.”

Emily Hicks, Versailles: “I have two New Year’s kind of resolutions, one of which is to become more physically active, and to become more spiritually active. I’m a Christian, and I just want to grow in my faith and learn more about who God is and what he has in store for me.” “I just want to see (the country) become more united and to start viewing each other as brothers and sisters instead of as, just like, different races – just see us all come together as one nation.”

Maggie Hudson, Versailles: “For myself, I, too (want to be) physically active, for sure, and I just want to grow with the people around me and just become more of a community with whom I’m around.” “… I’m a Christian, too, and I want to see our nation specifically just have this great awakening and realize what we’re doing is crazy and stupid. And everyone to, like she (Hicks, with whom she was having coffee) said, be more like brothers and sisters and happy.” Ainsley Mason, 6, shopping with her sister and mother at Gathered Mercantile: “Fireworks.”

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