• Bob Vlach, Woodford Sun Staff

Board approves permit for B&B on West Leestown Road

The Board of Adjustment approved a conditional-use permit on Monday allowing a four-room bed and breakfast on West Leestown Road.

The B&B’s upstairs living accommodations are located in an equine barn at Valley View Farm, a training center and horse boarding business on 38 acres in Woodford County and 145 acres in Franklin County.

“The bed and breakfast is going to be used by people who bring horses to our farm,” said applicant James O’Brien.

He said horsemen and women who compete in the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event and other riders stay at the farm.

While some riders from the Caribbean stayed for two months to train their horses, O’Brien said guests typically stay for “one to two weeks and then move onto a competition someplace else.”

No one spoke in opposition to the request for a permit to operate a B&B, which was reviewed and recommended for approval by the Agricultural Advisory Review Committee.

Covered porch variance

The board approved a seven-foot rear-yard variance that allows John and Melinda Eberth to add a 20-foot-deep covered porch onto the rear of their home at 824 Flint Ridge Road.

Before he voted in opposition to approving the variance, board Chair Tim Turney pointed out that the rear portions of the neighboring homes on Flint Ridge Road are lined up and within the boundaries of the zoning ordinance.

Action delayed

The board closed a hearing on a request for side- and rear-yard variances in order to build a single-family residence on a legal nonconforming half-acre lot at 5799 Midway Road, A-1 (agriculture) zoning district. However, no action was taken on approving or denying the requested variances because a current site plan was not available for the board to review at its meeting on Monday. Turney said the board will discuss the request further at its next meeting when a current site plan can be reviewed.

Cassie Barnes, an attorney representing applicant Antony Bays, who has a contract to purchase the lot, told the board that a 10-foot side-yard variance and a 25-foot rear-yard variance are being requested in order to build a home on the rear portion of the lot. To accommodate a septic system on the lot, she said the site plan was revised with the proposed location of the residence being moved to the farthest south side of the property.

Kerry Cauthen, an adjoining landowner, said he and his wife’s 74-acre farm surrounds the property at 5799 Midway Road on two sides, and they object to the setback variances in part because they board horses on their farm. Also, he said the property at 5799 Midway Road borders a drainage area with a considerable amount of underground water including springs.

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