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Jan. 9, 1919... Col. Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States, died early Tuesday morning at his home, Sagamore Hill, and was laid to rest without pomp or ceremony in Young’s Memorial Cemetery in that village.

Mrs. John Pervis, 35, of Duckers Station, died Tuesday of pneumonia.

The Rev. Dr. George W. Kemper, pastor of the Midway Christian Church for 12 years and pastor of a church in Richmond, Va., for the past eight years, has accepted a call to a church in Memphis, Tenn.

Tobacco prices are quite high and a long list Of growers, with pounds and prices, appears on page one.

Citizens Bank of Midway shows resources of $354,368 and deposits of $275,459. Commercial Bank of Midway shows resources of $173,760 and deposits of $117,934.

The Spanish flu epidemic, which swept the country during the latter part of 1918, caused 111,688 deaths in 46 cities which were monitored for such a report. Baltimore and Nashville had the highest death rates of any of the big cities. The breakdown attributed 69,000 of the deaths to influenza and the other 42,000 to pneumonia.

Canadian losses during the World War are reckoned at 220,182; with 60,383 killed in action or died from wounds, accidents or disease, The actual figures are; 35,666 killed in action; 12,420 died of wounds; 5,405 died of disease.

Miss Elizabeth Lehman returned Tuesday to Ward-Belmont College in Nashville after spending the holidays with her parents, M/M W.G. Lehman.

J.V. Shipp Jr. sold this past week the Sullivan farm, 186 acres, which he had purchased within the past year. Mr. Shipp then bought the Frank Naive farm of 140 acres, near Fort Spring, four miles from Lexington.

The wedding of Miss Louise A. Egalite and Augustus J. Weisenberger will take place on Jan. 22, at St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Lexington.

Miss Nell Wehrle of Midway and Henry J. Egalite will be the attendants. Mr. Weisenberger, at an officers training camp in New Jersey when the war ended, was mustered out of service before he could receive his commission.

The new dog law is a very stringent one and dog owners are most anxious to comply with same. Since Jan. 1, the county clerk’s office has issued 745 dog licenses.

James P. Jesse son of Mrs. Bettie Jesse of Versailles, appears on the latest casualty report from France as having been wounded severely.

Jan. 10, 1941… Kentucky Utilities Company purchased a 25 acre tract of land on the Kentucky River in Woodford County, adjoining a 277 acre plot on which it had obtained an option on Nov. 7. The purchase indicated the firm would carry out its plan to construct a $3 million dollar electric generating plant near Tyrone. The 25 acre tract was purchased from the estate of Harvey M. Myers.

The editor suggested that since the Southern was definitely going to remove the Versailles to Georgetown tracks, and trains have been discontinued for some time, it would be a good idea to remove the highway crossing signs so that the public would have one less set of signs with which to deal.

Midway High’s undefeated Blue Jays had dates with Kavanaugh and Wilmore in the second week of January.

J. Lyter Donaldson, state highway commissioner, said that the Lexington-Frankfort section of U.S. Highway 60 would be re-routed along the Leestown Pike, thus eliminating Versailles from the direct Louisville to Lexington route. A connector from Midway to Frankfort will be built at a width of 22 feet, since the traffic flow is not deemed sufficient to justify a four lane road.

Edith Margaret Weisenberger and Carolyn Christine Gott, both of Midway, have been elected secretary and treasurer, respectively, of the pledge class of Chi Omega at the University Of Kentucky. Miss Weisenberger is the daughter of A.J. Weisenberger and Miss Gott is the ward of Mr. Weisenberger.

Recruiters for the Army Flying Cadet program will be in Lexington between Jan. 20 and 31 to talk with interested men between the ages of 20 and 27. A cadet will be paid $75 per month while in nine months of training. Upon completion of the course, the cadet receives a 2nd lieutenant’s commission in the Air Corps Reserve and enters immediate active duty at a salary of $205 per month plus free living quarters.

Influenza cases, in fairly mild form, numbered about 10,000 in Kentucky in early January, with about half the number located in Louisville.

Among those in Woodford confined to their homes are Marshall A. Dawson, Judge Matt Blackard, and Miss Alice Redden, Midway teacher.

The Citizens Bank of Midway, with 500 shares and a par value of $25,000, paid a $2 per share dividend on July 1, 1940; and a $3 per share dividend on Jan. 1, 1941. The total of $5 per share was paid from 1940 earnings.

The Kentucky income tax yield to state government amounted to $4.4 million in 1938; $3.8 million in 1939 and $4.9 million in 1940.

D.S. Richardson, proprietor of the Midway Stockyards, has opened a similar business in Stanford, Lincoln County. His new plant has 19 pens for cattle and sheep, several pens for hogs, offices, scales and other necessary equipment.

The Citizens Bank of Midway showed resources of $310,761.79 and deposits of $245,882.34. Colvin Rouse, Joe Lehman and Richard Godson signed the statement as directors, and J.W. Bratcher as cashier.

The Commercial Bank of Midway showed resources of $274,638.94 and deposits of $211,086.45. Listed as directors were William Wise, John Wise and T.M. Roach. Edna Hicks was cashier.

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