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It seems that a lot of Midwegians have been hit with colds and flu this year. The bad part is after they have been infected it takes a while to shake it off. I checked out the cold and flu tracker online and the Tracker’s SickScore said that Midway has maintained a low rating for this year with seven out of 100 residents reporting having a cold or the flu. That means only 234.428 Midwegians are actually getting sick this year. From what I’m hearing from people telling me that they are or have been sick at least 736 Midwegians have suffered this year.

Are the other 500 or so not telling the truth so that they don’t have to report for work? So I guess the question is…. just how sick are the residents of our town? So if you get a chance go online and report your malady to Cold and Flu Tracker SickScore and report in to them so we can get our Midway stats up to date.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for next month’s Midway Chocolate Stroll. This is another Midway event that has become popular over the last three years. The event will kick off “Valentine Week,” Saturday, Feb. 10. It’s only a month away so plan to spend some time at the Equus Run Vineyards and downtown Midway. Mark your calendars and I’ll tell you more about what is going to take place in my future articles leading up to the Midway Chocolate Stroll… be there or be choco-less (without chocolate).

Are you asking yourself what am I going to do during these cold winter nights? May I suggest that you consider Midway’s very first “On a Winter’s Night” concert this coming Sunday. I posted the entire concert series schedule in a couple of my past Midway articles. This Sunday evening Bill and Leslie Penn will start off the music at 6:30 with Blake Jones playing at 7. You are invited to the administrative building at The Homeplace. The show is free and there will be an open jam time if you want to come early, 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Children and youth are especially encouraged to participate. This is something new, so ideas and funding suggestions will be entertained. I will meet you at The Homeplace on Sunday. Let’s build this into an event we can be proud of and thank you Blake Jones for getting “On a Winter’s Night” off the ground.

The next Free Community Dinner will be Monday, Jan. 29, at 6:30 p.m. and will include the Annual Chili Cook-Off. Please contact the church office at859-846-4102 to enter a pot of chili in the contest which will include prizes for winners, but entry in the contest is not required to eat. Everyone is invited to stay for the Midway Renaissance meeting immediately after the dinner to discuss community projects.

I have been informed by unreliable sources that this year’s winners will be selected by popular vote of those attending the event. Due to the fact that past judges have risked their lives by agreeing to judge this event it has been decided the popular vote contest may be safer.

This concept is in all sincerity the safest way to select the winners.

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