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Midwegians in the News

Midwegian in the news for this month has been recognized several times over the years. More recently, Joyce McClendon Evans was featured in the Lexington-Herald Leader in an article written by Cheryl Truman. The article reported that she had recently turned 80 years old. Most people are retired at 80 and have slowed down to take time to enjoy their grandchildren and do community things. Evans does all that and still works full-time as a University of Kentucky biomedical senior research associate.

Even though Evans and her family moved to Midway in August of 1968 there aren’t many people in Midway that really know what she does for a living. Many probably think that she has retired. According to Truman’s article she is enjoying her work too much to retire. She has been in the same department at UK since 1970. She works at offices in UK’s Robotics & Manufacturing building, but her field of expertise is not the physics she studied while young, but what different pulls, tugs and shakes do to the human body — the physical effects of the physics. Some of her work includes studying the effect of space travel on the cardiovascular system. She worked with the Air Force to determine what happens to the human body during low level flight.

Evans has been in the spotlight before. Two years ago, Midway University had a “Day for Midway” honoring community spirit and raising money for Woodford County students. The university recognized Joyce Evans and her late husband Joel for their work in the community by presenting her with the 2016 Community Spirit Award.

The Evans family has been active Midway volunteers helping with Santa Claus, mapping out all the trees in Midway and worked on Midway’s first tree and have certainly made their mark on the community. Now we know they have made their mark on the world.

It’s people like Joyce McClendon Evans that make Midway special.

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