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Letters to the editor

Appreciation month Editor, The Sun: A New Year is always an exciting time. It provides a time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future. In both situations, I am reminded that we are very fortunate to have an outstanding board of education serving the Woodford County Public Schools and our community. Ambrose Wilson IV, Margie Cleveland, Debby Edelen, Sherri Springate and Karen Brock have dedicated themselves to providing the best educational opportunities possible to the children in our district. Every decision made by this group is done so in the best interest of our students. The Woodford County Board of Education seeks to establish a solid foundation that will allow students to pursue any path in life they choose. Our Board fully understands that the successes our kids experience today in the classroom will translate to success in college, the workplace and beyond. It is a privilege and honor to serve with these exceptional leaders. As we celebrate National School Board Member Appreciation month in January, please join me in thanking these individuals for their contributions to our children and the future they represent. D. Scott Hawkins Superintendent Woodford Co. Public Schools New high school Editor, The Sun: On Jan. 11, Scott Hawkins, the Woodford County Schools Superintendent, and the school board changed part of their proposal for a new high school. The initial proposal included spending several million dollars on new athletic fields. That would seem a logical inclusion for any new high school. However; a small group of people from the community pointed out that Woodford County already had very good facilities at the Falling Springs complex less than a half mile away. After about a month or two of review, the proposed duplicate facilities were removed from the proposal for the new high school. We applaud that decision. The new plan lowers the proposed tax rate and prevents the current sports complex from becoming an under-used money pit. Anyone who has walked through the existing high school can see that it has served its purpose well, but it can’t be brought to the standards needed for our students to compete in an ever-competitive world. I will support the proposed initiative for a new high school, and urge my friends and neighbors to do the same.

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