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“On a Winter’s Night Community Artist Showcase” has lived up to its name. It was definitely a winter’s night. Actually it was a cold winter’s night. The weather didn’t stop 39 or so Midwegians from making their way to The Homeplace to listen to Leslie and Bill Penn, Blake Jones and Brett Franklin play some old familiar tunes and brighten up the evening.

The next showcase will be held Sunday, Jan. 28, at the Homeplace and will feature Billy and Lauren Hill and Mayor Grayson Vandergrift. Will the mayor just be playing his guitar or will he be playing the keyboard or both. Inquiring Midwegian minds want to know. Check out the next event and see (and hear).

A few scheduled events had to be rescheduled because of the weather: The Midway Community Martin Luther King Jr. Service that was to be held at the St. Mathews AME Church was canceled. It has been rescheduled to take place Sunday, Jan. 21, at 3 p.m. at the St. Mathews AME Church in Midway. The Midway Living History event that was to be held at the Midway Branch Woodford County Public Library Tuesday night was canceled. The rescheduled event will take place next Tuesday, Jan. 25, at 6:30 p.m. Even the Midway City Council meeting was rescheduled for Monday, Jan. 22, at 5:30.

My friend Joe Smith, the newest Midwegian in town, has been totally baffled by the way this little dusting (his words) of snow has brought the area to a standstill. He said that he received a lot of strange looks as he was walking his dogs in nine-degree weather. He said, “I thought it was a nice day.” To understand his perspective on our odd behavior in cold weather you should know that Joe is from North Dakota. Last month North Dakota’s weather was four to negative four degrees maximum day temperature. They averaged four hours of sunshine per day and nighttime temperatures of negative 16 degrees and it gets worse in January. We average about 12 inches of snow a year. The North Dakota area averages about 54 or so inches a year. I wouldn’t be surprised if I visited him in the next couple of days I would find him laying out on his deck at the back of the house working on his tan.

It’s that time of year again. Yes Virginia, I am talking about the Midway Christian Church’s Annual Chili Cook-Off. I am reminding all of the chili making people that if you intend to enter this year’s event you must do so by Sunday, Jan. 21. If you want to enter your chili in the contest, call 859-846-4102. The contest will take place at the Midway Christian Church Fellowship Hall Monday, Jan 29.

I recently discovered, via Facebook and Betty Penn Harrod, there is a book out that was written by a man what grew up in Midway. Larry Earl Bryant is the author of Diary of a Cold War Veteran. The book was published last year and is available on Amazon.

I’m just wondering. Has anyone found any “Happy Rocks” this year?

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