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Moungey files for magistrate

Thomas Moungey has declared his candidacy for Magistrate, District 8, South Woodford.

Tom and his wife Susan, now both retired, have lived on a small farm near Nonesuch on Cummins Ferry Road since 2004. Their family consists of three daughters and 12 grandchildren. Tom is a college graduate with a degree in biology as well as a Vietnam veteran. He served as Marine Field Artillery Officer with intelligence, classified documents custodian (top secret clearance), administrative and fire direction duties.

After the military, Tom worked as an air quality investigator in Shasta and Butte Counties, Calif. He has years of experience with lumber, both hard and soft woods. Tom also has extensive experience in residential construction and thoroughbred horse racing. He was licensed in both fields since early 1990s. Tom has studied much of south Woodford history and has become an avid student of Woodford County ordinances and KRS.

Why he is running for magistrate? In a quote from marine literature, “Once a Marine, always a Marine. Many marines take their leadership qualities from the corps and apply them to bettering their local communities, inspiring and guiding those who know them best, their families, friends and neighbors.” Semper Fidelis - truth and transparency.

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