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Letters to the editor

Snowy sidewalks

Editor, The Sun:

After a second winter break, we are limping back to school. I work downtown and have two students at the high school. Normally, I drop the girls at school and they walk to my office after school. Well, this morning (Jan. 18), I noticed that none of the sidewalks had been cleared, not even directly in front of the high school. So, rather than risk having the girls hit by a car, because they need to walk on the road; or get their feet soaking wet and risk falling on the icy sidewalks, I drove to school to pick them up.

I have a solution for this problem. Let our residents of the county jail shovel all the public sidewalks. Our county does such a good job with most issues. I hope this issue can be resolved.

Anna W. Carney Versailles

Proposed tax increase

Editor, The Sun:

Perhaps next to the photo of water dripping from the high school ceiling, The Woodford Sun should have run another picture, just as big, of money dripping out of the wallets of taxpayers - maybe “flowing” is a better word - to pay for the proposed massive tax increase for a new building.

And maybe school board officials should have the courage to educate property owners on exactly how many thousands of dollars it will cost each of us to fund this project, which even they admit is not necessary for reasons of capacity.

By the way, it costs a couple hundred bucks to fix a leak, which is a little less than $47 million.

Lenny Shulman Versailles

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