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Clippings from the, Blue Grass Clipper

Jan. 30, 1919... Death claimed Mrs. Charles Campbell, 36, of Gratz Street, who is survived by her husband and her parents. She died Monday of a heart attack. Death also claimed Cleveland Courtney, who passed away at St. Joseph Hospital. He is survived by his widow, his mother, several sisters and brothers. The infant son of Jesse Bruen, George, died at the home of his grandparents near Winchester. Mrs. Augustus Courtney died last week of influenza. She is survived by her husband and several stepchildren. Stewart Neville, a former Midway resident, died recently and is survived by his wife and several daughters. Thomas Jennings, of Midway, died Monday at St. Joseph Hospital of pneumonia.

McKee Brothers, at their annual Forest Home sale, disposed of 54 brood sows of their famous Defender strain Tuesday at an average price of $332 per head. Dinner and moving pictures being taken of the sale attracted many buyers.

The 12-acre Cleveland Farm, located near Versailles and owned by R.R. Fishback, was sold to T.K. Skinner of Fayette County and then re-sold to E.L. Lillard of Versailles.

News received from Private Fred K. Nave says that he is well and hopes to be home ere long as Camp Coetquidan, near Rennes, France, where he is stationed, is being rapidly skeletonized for return to the U.S.

The residence of M/M George Sorrell, who live on Railroad Street, is placarded with a diphtheria sign, one of the children being sick with the disease.

James Hancock, who has seen service overseas, has returned to his home on the Alexander farm.

Joseph W. Lacefield has returned to Hampton Rhodes, Va., after a furlough in Midway.

Cecil Hicks arrived Saturday from Camp Taylor, where he received his honorable discharge from the army. Warren and Breckinridge Viley, who are attending school at Nicholasville, spent the weekend with their parents at Stonewall Farm.

Mrs. J.M. Ledridge died at Woodford Hospital Thursday of stomach cancer. She leaves her husband and two daughters, Mrs. Joe Wilson and Mrs. Wallace Dedman.

Otha Watts, who has been overseas, has returned to his home near Millville after having been mustered out of the army.

Miss Mattie Cary, who has been in Washington, has returned to Versailles and accepted her old position as teacher at Margaret College.

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